Daily Notes | Ryan Zimmerman Back to Old Form

Apparently all that Ryan Zimmerman needed was a cortisone shot. After slumping through a 5 for 48 stretch earlier this month, he has busted out the last three days with a 6 for 13 stretch that includes three extra base hits since getting a cortisone shot for his shoulder. Zimmerman elaborated in the story by […]

Daily Notes | Trout for Rookie of the Year and MVP?

As the Orange County Register pointed out last night, Mike Trout did not play in a game yesterday, but has taken over the league lead in batting average as Paul Konerko dropped a point behind him. Anytime a player is leading in one of the big traditional three categories (average, home runs, or RBI) it […]

Daily Notes | Bauer to Pitch Thursday?

Trevor Bauer pitched only 2.2 innings today. There was nothing physically wrong with him. He had 5 strikeouts and gave up 2 hits. Given that he met with the Diamondbacks front office earlier in the week to discuss how he would speak to the media and that Joe Saunders has been placed on the DL, […]

Daily Notes | Tim Lincecum’s Season Turns Around Tonight

Tim Lincecum is 2-8. He has not won since April 28. His team has lost 9 straight games he has started. He has an ERA over 6.00. He has a career worse 4.8 walks per 9 innings. His average fastball velocity is lower than ever.  Tim Lincecum is also 28. He has won two Cy […]

Daily Notes | Jacob Turner Making His 2012 Debut

Jacob Turner is one of the few starting pitchers that was sitting around in the minors that might deserve immediate consideration in mixed leagues. Along with Danny Hultzen and Trevor Bauer, Turner has the stuff that can help teams right now rather than somewhere down the road. Turner features a fastball, breaking ball, and a […]

Daily Notes | Michael Morse Home Run Binge Coming?

Michael Morse was hitting home runs once every 17 at-bats a year ago, so when he came off the disabled list June 2nd and still did not have a home run 57 at-bats into the season it was easy to write off last year as a career year. Now he has one home run after […]

Mambino Mondays | Gavin Floyd Will Turn it Around

Here is an excerpt from KOBEshigawa’s latest article over at the Great Mambino. Among the topics not mentioned is watching Jordan Zimmermnan’s innings and waiting for Gavin Floyd to turn things around. Hello friends, we’re back (finally) with another edition of MAMBINO Fantasy Mondays. We give our (supposed) weekly updates and thoughts on Major League […]

Daily Notes | Brandon Belt Finally Hitting

Brandon Belt collected a hit in his fifth straight game last night and had a walk for the third time in five games. Previously his longest hitting streak was 3 games this season. That’s because he has often been asked to come up as a pinch hitter, and has never been a consistent presence in the […]

Daily Notes | The Time To Stash Wil Myers Edition

With the lack of anything “significant” in baseball yesterday (I’m looking at YOU Matt Weiters. We’ve been expecting you to get 4 hits and 5 RBI’s in games for 3 years.) I decdied to go with the recomendation of stashing Wil Myers. I posted a couple days ago that the Royals GM said that he might sit […]

Daily Notes | The Is Matt Cain The Big Story Last Night? Edition

Matt Cain not only threw the first perfect game in Giants history last night, but he did so in dominating fashion, striking out 14 batters in the process. Sandy Koufax is the only pitcher to accumulate that many K’s in a perfecto. As rare a feat as a perfect game is (this is the 22nd in MLB […]

Daily Notes | The Using Peripheral Stats Edition

I was reading a Jayson Stark story on ESPN last week about 5 teams in baseball that were shocking, either good or bad. Story can be read here. In any case, aside from going over my beloved Mets, he mentions the Tigers, and how much of a disappointment they have been this year. He specifically […]

Daily Notes | The Pitchers To Buy Low On Edition

One of the secrets to being a good fantasy sports player is to read. I read a lot. Yahoo!, ESPN, FanGraphs, FB365. You have to research, and my favorite kind of research is the kind where I don’t have to crunch numbers, people who are smarter than me have done it, and I can reference […]

Daily Notes | The Doctor Talks About Seeing Doctors Edition

Roy Halladay and the Phillies finally talked about his injury. He is scheduled to miss 6-8 weeks, no surgery, just rest and some exercise. Doctors said that there isn’t anything alarming about the MRI on his shoulder compared to the baseline MRI they took in Dec 2009 when he was traded from Toronto. Halladay is […]

Daily Notes | The Just Pitching Match Ups Edition

Hey all, I don’t have much time for notes today, but thought I would at least put up the guys I would sit or start tonight. Take what it what you will…  Bumgarner @ Richard – It’s Petco. Richard’s home ERA is 2.12. It’s over 6.00 on the road. Gomez @ Scherzer Capuano @ Kendrick – […]