Looking Back at Rankings and Projections Part 6

Picking up where we left off…   Tommy Hanson – 2012 Projection;  14 Wins 3.10 ERA, 180 K's, 1.20 WHIP in 180 innings Actual;  13 W, 4.48 ERA, 161 K, 1.45 WHIP, 174.2 Innings.   Hanson did not meet expectations this year which shouldn’t be surprising considering his injury history. A Disastrous July and August […]

Looking Back at Standings and Projections Part 5

Continuing the hit and miss- type look back on the projections and rankings from prior to the 2012 season… Alex Gordon – 2012 Projection; .280 AVG, 21 HR, 90 RBI, 78 Runs, 14 steals, .368 OBP, .838 OPS Actual; .294, 14 HR, 72 RBI, 93 Runs, 10 steals, .368 OBP, .822 OPS Hit for the […]

Looking Back at Standings and Projections Part 4

Continuing the hit and miss- type look back on the projections and rankings from prior to the 2012 season… Pablo Sandoval – 2012 Projection; .320 AVG, 25 HR, 90 RBI, 70 Runs, 2 Steals, .360 OBP, .890 OPS in 600 AB Actual; .283 AVG, 12 HR, 63 RBI, 59 R, 1 steal, .258 OBP, .568 […]

Looking Back at Standings and Projections Part 3

Continuing the hit and miss- type look back on the projections and rankings from prior to the 2012 season… Matt Garza – 2012 Projection; 14 W, 3.10 ERA, 194 K, 1.28 WHIP in 200 Innings Actual;  5 W, 3.91 ERA, 96 K, 1.18 WHIP, 103.2 IP Garza’s season ended in July. Doubling his innings pitched […]

Looking Back at Standings and Projections Pt. 2

Continuing the hit and miss type look back on the projections and rankings from prior to the 2012 season…     Daniel Hudson – 2012 Projection;  17-12, 3.27 ERA, 180 K, 1.16 WHIP, 210 IP Actual; 3-2, 7.35 ERA, 37 K, 1.63 WHIP, 45.1 IP 2012 was injury riddled for Hudson so perhaps he was […]

Looking Back at Standings and Projections

And so closes another fantasy baseball season. Some of you hoisted championship trophies. More of you did not. Depending on the group you fall into, I offer congratulations or a thank you for playing. This was a significant season for me, for a number of different reasons. I hoisted the Championship in my NL only […]

Playoff Push

Well here it is… A new article. Sorry to leave you all hanging so long. That was pretty irresponsible of us. Anyhoo…this is the last week of the season for head to head leagues (for most leagues anyway I imagine) and in roto leagues you still may have a category or two to make a […]

Hamels Stays & Hanley Goes

At first glance the tendency is to look at the new ballpark that Hanley Ramirez will play in and say this is bad for fantasy owners. Marlins Park has proven to be a better than average hitter’s park and we know historically that Dodger Stadium hasn’t been great. I don’t care. This is a good […]

Daily Notes | Just When Crawford Returns Ortiz Gets Hurt

Carl Crawford was in the starting lineup for the first time this season and hitting second in a lineup that featured four lefties at the top of the order. One of those lefties was David Ortiz who happened to be hitting behind Crawford in the Red Sox order. The relationship was working pretty well for […]

Daily Notes | Adam Lind Heating Up

Adam Lind was hitting .186 with a .586 OPS on May 16th. The Blue Jays organization had seen enough and Lilnd was sent down as a result. Lind dominated in 32 games with Triple-A Las Vegas. And even though it is considered one of the better places to hit in the hitting heavy Pacific Coast […]

Daily Notes | Cliff Lee Enters the Win Column

This season has been an excellent case study in valuing hitters over pitchers on draft day. None of the most consistent starters for the past three to five seasons have been themselves. Cliff Lee is one of those starters. Lee has already missed some time due to an oblique problem back in April and aside […]

Daily Notes | Closers on the Move in July

It happens every year at this time of the season. Contenders are scanning the rosters of teams looking to rebuild, and bullpen arms are probably the easiest movable part. The contender can always get better in this department and given the low level of annual commitments to most relievers, rebuilding teams are happy to get […]

Daily Notes | Were Brandon Phillips & Johnny Cueto Really Snubs?

Dusty Baker and Joey Votto were not pleased that teammates Johnny Cueto and Brandon Phillips were not selected to the National League All Star roster that Tony La Russa selected. Let’s look first at the case of Cueto. Here is how he stacks up with the other starting pitchers on the roster: Player ERA WHIP […]

Daily Notes | Franklin Morales a Must Add

Franklin Morales went 7 innings for the Red Sox last night and gave up only three hits against the Mariners. Yes, it was against the Mariners, but Morales has looked good in all three starts that he has made this year for the Red Sox. He has struck out 24 in only 18 innings and […]

Daily Notes | Chris Young Slumping

Chris Young was hitting .410 with an OPS of 1.397 back on April 17th. The season was very young, but he was looking at a career year. Then he crashed into a wall, hurt his shoulder and had to go on the disabled list. He returned a month later and has been awful ever since. […]