2012’s Biggest Offseason Moves: Dempster, Ichiro

The year is almost over, which means that the 2013 baseball season is drawing near. While things have been more quiet than normal here at FB365, the gears are still grinding. Here is part one of my takes on this offseason's biggest moves and how they might impact your fantasy team. Ryan Dempster signs with […]

2013 Red Sox Projections: Mike Napoli

The winter meetings are certainly here and a few of the free agents have already found new homes. The Red Sox made one of the bigger winter meeting moves thus far, signing C/1B Mike Napoli to a three-year deal. How does going from Texas to Boston affect Napoli's fantasy value? Mike Napoli – C/1B – […]

2013 Phillies Projections: Carlos Ruiz

Yesterday, Phillies star catcher Carlos Ruiz was suspended for use of amphetamines. I wrote a quick article for The Outside Corner once the news broke, in which I noted: "Also career highs in 2012 were Ruiz's BABIP (.339) and HR/FB rate (15.1 percent), which shot up drastically from 4.4 percent in 2011 with a previous career high […]

2013 Cubs Projections: Rizzo, Barney, DeJesus

Our 2013 Cubs projections continue with a young up-and-coming first baseman, a defensive minded second baseman and a solid veteran outfielder. Anthony Rizzo 2013 Age: 23 – Splits: Struggles vs LHP 2013 Projection: 596 AB, .283/.346/.488. 27 HR, 91 RBI, 86 R, 6 SB Notes: Rizzo's ceiling will be determined by one thing: how he hits […]

2013 Cubs Projections: Soriano, Castro

Our 2013 projections turn to the north side of Chicago where we examine two Cubs with plate discipline issues, but also significant upside. Can Alfonso Soriano stave off a regression at his age? Can Starlin Castro make a big progression at his age? Alfonso Soriano 2013 Age: 37 – Splits: Slight vs RHP 2013 Projection: 502 […]

2013 Blue Jays Projections: Melky Cabrera

In somewhat of a surprise move, the Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly inked outfielder Melky Cabrera to a two-year, $16M deal. Now finished with his 50-game suspension for PED use, questions remain about his performance going forward, but it's skill related stats — not questions about strenght/endurance — that keep me optimistic. Melky Cabrera – […]

2013 Astros Projections: Norris, Harrell, Lyles

Fantasy owners won't be looking at any of these pitchers early in 2013 drafts, but is there any hidden value here, or is staying away the best decision?   Bud Norris – SP – HOU 2013 Age: 28 2013 Projection: 189 IP, 8 W, 4.09 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 183 K, 72 BB Notes: Huge potential due […]

Keeper League Trading and Why I Don’t Seem to Do Much of It

  The World Series is over and for the standard redraft roto GMs out there, the season has been over for even longer. However, the end of the fall classic brings about an entirely different roto beast: The Keeper Leaguers! Deciding on who to keep, what values can you get in trades, what positions do […]

2013 Astros Projections: Dominguez, Wallace, Castro, Martinez, Paredes

We continue on with our 2012 Astros projections (see part one here). Warning: Astros fans may want to turn their heads. Key: SSS = Small Sample Size (too small of a big league sample to make a judgement)   Matt Dominguez – 3B – HOU 2013 Age: 23 – Splits: SSS 2013 Projection: 487 AB, .224/.293/.393, […]

2013 Projections: Lowrie, Maxwell, Altuve

This offseason I'm going to focus on my projections above anything else. I'll be working my way through team-by-team, worst regular season record to best record. So that means we start with the newest addition to the American League, the Houston Astros. Jed Lowrie – SS – HOU 2013 Age: 29 – Splits: Better as RHB […]

Impact: The Boston/LA Mega Deal Pt.1

Yes, it’s been a while since our last post here. Real world things come up with jobs and family, etc. Working for a minor league baseball team means some long hours during home stands and the need to spend more time with family when the team is on the road. That being said, we’ll be […]

Impact: Ichiro in the Bronx

Apparently, the Yankees and Mariners both have ninjas for GMs, because the trade of Ichiro Suzuki to New York seemed to come out of nowhere. Ichiro still has a big name and a grand track record, but is he anything more than a defensive whiz at this point and can his move from spacious Safeco […]

Encarnacion Proves That We’re Wrong Until We’re Right

Edwin Encarnacion has been an absolute fantasy monster this season. Tonight, he connected for his 24th and 25th home runs of the season and he’s been flirting with a .300/.380/.550 line almost all year long. I’ve been touting EE for years now and wrote this about him in the offseason… “I’m a gluten for punishment […]

Second Half Breakouts and Busts

The all-star game is over and the unofficial second half is about to begin. This means that fantasy Gms have about half of a season to push their teams over the top, or make savvy long-term moves in keeper formats if they’re out of the playoff picture. Below are our picks for second half breakouts […]