What the “Experts” Are Getting Wrong

The guys over at The Great Mambino Blog asked me for my two cents on pretty much any fantasy topic I wanted. Given that McMillen and I have been writing about peer comparisons for the last couple of months I decided to focus on the rankings that I thought were wrong. Here’s a snipet:

A-Rod is old and getting worse, but Pablo Sandoval has no right to go ahead of him in drafts. You’ve got a guy with the anti-midus touch and a guy with the Nutty Professor touch off the field, but disregard that for a sec. Kung Fu Panda has never driven in more than 90 runs, hit more than 25 home runs, or scored more than 80 runs in a season. A-Rod did it for 12 years in a row before last year. CBS, ESPN, Yahoo all seem to think that Sandoval is better anyway. Look, I know he’s old, you don’t like him, and you don’t want him on your team. All I’m saying is don’t pick Kung Fu Panda over him.”

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