Johan Looking Great Through Two Starts

With Johan Santana and Stephen Strasburg facing off today, the player that in my mind had the most to prove was Santana. Strasburg is going to be nasty. He proved in September last year and that was the indiciation on Opening Day as well. His teammate Jordan Zimmermann came back just fine from the exact same rehab plan from the exact same surgery. Santana’s situation has less precedent and did not come with a September showcase. So while Strasburg was dominant for a second outing in two tries, the bigger story here was Santana. 

Santana hit 90 MPH on just one occassion. It was a far cry from the 93 MPH he would average in his prime with Minnesota, but the results through 10 innings are favorable nonetheless. Santana has struck out 13 in just 10 innings – he struck out 4 in a row at one point today. He threw just 99 pitches, but it’s important to note that Terry Collins let him come out for the sixth inning. Here are some other notes from around the league:

  • Giancarlo Stanton said that at times “I’m just going to have to deal with it” refering to his knee. If I could get back equal value for him one-for-one I’d obviously do it. 
  • Alex Gordon snapped out of an 0 for 17 start by hitting his first home run and getting another hit today. 
  • Josh Johnson has given up 10+ hits in his first two starts this season. He gave up less hits in six April starts last year than he has in two starts this year. Is he healthy?
  • The Angels sat Mark Trumbo and played Vernon Wells today. Wells is starting slow after being the worst player (at least for the money) in baseball last season. Trumbo has made three errors through two games, but perhaps he’s better served taking Wells’ position. In any case if Wells doesn’t turn it around, how long can the Angels give him with so many options (including Mike Trout) available. 
  • Through three innings of tonight’s game, the Marlins have struck out 42 times and walked only 8 times. That will make any pitcher a moneyball guy. Perhaps firing Ozzie for off the field reasons could be justified on the field too – although he shouldn’t take the fall for how these hitters have evolved before he got there. 
  • Drew Storen had minor elbow surgery. He should be back before the all-star break. I know those two sentences contradict each other, but don’t blame me. Blame the article that did the same thing to me. 
  • Troy Tulowitzki is playing through a hip flexor issue right now. That won’t help as he tries to build on last year’s drop-off in steals. 
  • Starlin Castro has stolen five bases in five attempts. He stole 22 last year, but the way he’s come out of the starting blocks in 2012 he may steal over 40. There’s not a player in the lineup that will keep him at first for fear of losing a 2-run home run this season. 
  • The deepest of leagues should consider adding Victor Martinez. There’s a chance that we could see him in September. 
  • The news is not as good for Dustin Moseley. He appears to be heading toward the 60-day DL and shoulder surgery. Tough luck for Petco parasites.