Hamels Stays & Hanley Goes

At first glance the tendency is to look at the new ballpark that Hanley Ramirez will play in and say this is bad for fantasy owners. Marlins Park has proven to be a better than average hitter’s park and we know historically that Dodger Stadium hasn’t been great. I don’t care. This is a good trade for Hanley owners. He needs a change. He’s hit under .250 for more than 162 games now. Maybe he needs a pennant race. Maybe he needs a large market. Maybe he needs his old position. I don’t know, but I know that the status quo wasn’t working. 

Cole Hamels to the Phillies. Obviously it makes sense long term. Hamels has the 15th best WAR among pitchers since 2010. It doesn’t sound that impressive, but there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. He would be an ace on half of them, and thus a 28-year-old free-agent-to-be deserves to get paid. More money than any NL pitcher in history. For fantasy purposes this isn’t good. Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence probably won’t be on the team in a week and the Phillies will continue to provide lower than expected run support for their pitchers. Also, Hamels doesn’t have that mental pressure to pull a Sabathia and get every cent that he deserves in the final rehearsel before winter meetings. Anyway here are some links to discuss the issue…

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