Daily Notes | The Time To Stash Wil Myers Edition

With the lack of anything “significant” in baseball yesterday (I’m looking at YOU Matt Weiters. We’ve been expecting you to get 4 hits and 5 RBI’s in games for 3 years.) I decdied to go with the recomendation of stashing Wil Myers. I posted a couple days ago that the Royals GM said that he might sit in AAA until early next year, but I also speculated that could have been GM gamesmanship. Well, the other shoe fell. Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com has reported that the Royals are looking to trade Jeff Francouer, opening a spot in RF for Myers, which his limited and range and strong arm are a better fit for than the CF he has been playing this season. Francouer doesn’t have a ton of value, but perhaps the A’s will be willing to grab him?

In ESPN leagues, Myers already has his OF designation, but those of you in Yahoo! formats will get to reap the potential benefits of a call up while using him at Catcher until he gains his OF eligibility, then of course, continue to use him at catcher until he loses the designation next season.

Pitching Match Ups

Matsuzaka @ Dempster

Francis @ Crosby

Hughes @ Gonzalez

McDonald @ Masterson - Only starting Masterson because he is throwing against the Pirates, and even though the offense has heated up some, they are still the Pirates.

Worley @ Hutchison

Arroyo @ Gee

Zambrano @ Moore

Matsuz @ Hanson – four Matsuz’s last five starts are of the quality kind. Hanson seems like a no brainer, but he has been giving up a lot of gophers, and the Orioles happen to have some guys that can hit a lot gophers. It’s a gut  feeling for me on this one.

Lyles @ Darvish

Gallardo @ Liriano

Mazzardo @ Lohse

Cahill @ Haren

Bass @ Blackly – Under normal circumstances I would endorse Bass here, but the A’s are on fire right now.

Sale @ Kershaw

Vogelsong @ Vargas