Daily Notes – The Orioles Dropped Bombs Edition

OK, so the Orioles hitting three homers in a row to open a game may not be extremely fantasy relevant, but it’s neat and hasn’t been done before. All said and done, they hit five homers as a team in the first game of the double header. Sure teams have hit more, and Strasburg’s 13 K’s in 6 innings is more impressive, but I couldn’t resist the urge to make a bird poop joke in today’s headline. On to the bullets…

  • As mentioned previously, Stephen Strasburg fanned 13 in 6 innings last night. He gave up 1 earned on 5 hits and three walks. At one point last night, his K:BB was 11:0.
  • I missed badly on the Beckett recommendation, and for that I apologize. He only made it through 2.1 innings giving up 7 earned on 7 hits. Jason Kipnis picked up his 6th homer of the year off him.
  • Henderson Alvarez notched his 3rd win on the season. He struck out 2 in his 7 innings, but if you are a reader, you know we don’t care about his K’s. His Rotowire.com blurb today says that his lack of K’s is hurting fantasy teams, but I would beg to differ. Certainly if you are in a league with an innings cap, I would encourage you to look elsewhere for a pitcher, but in Alvarez’s last two starts he has a WHIP of 1.06 and an ERA of 0.56. Even with his BB/9 (which at 2.42 is welcome despite it being more than double the mark he posted last year) his WHIP on the year is 1.10 and his ERA is 2.61. Those are numbers that will play despite the lack of K’s.

Pitching Match Ups

Norris @ McDonald – Both high upside pitchers in the K department.

Richard @ Worley

Hernandez @ Kuroda

Hellickson @ Eveland

Jimenez @ Buchholz – Sure Buchholz has 3 wins, but his ERA is over 9.00. I’ll pass until further notice. I’m sitting Jimenez because I haven’t figured him or the Boston offense out yet.

Santana @ Buehrle

Gonzalez @ Leake

Wilson @ Darvish

Garza @ Wolf

Paulino @ Floyd – Paulino dominated the Yanks in his only other start this year. Here’s to seeing if he can keep it up.

Drabek @ Blackburn

Minor @ Garcia - Garcia is a gamble today I think, but he generally pitches well at home.

Bumgarner @ Corbin

Porcello @ Milone – Milone has been sub-par his last two starts, and Detroit snapped out of an offensive slump last night. I’m sitting him this one.

Moyer @ Capuano