Daily Notes – The Josh Hamilton Is Pretty Good Edition

Last night Josh Hamilton added his name to the baseball record books. He picked up 18 total bases in a game while going 5-for-5 with 4 HR’s and a double. Hamilton’s talent is never in question, just his health. Right now he is healthy and tearing it up. He has corrected his day night split problem from years past with special eye drops he uses before day games. He is living up to the contract year mythos in a big way. If you are an owner, enjoy it. If not, his value is probably too high right now to obtain him at a reasonable price. I mentioned a little while back I had him in a keeper league and traded him. Do I have remorse about it? Some. Not because he is still on fire, but because Hamilton is one of my favorite players (Yes, grown men can still have favorite players). I stil enjoy my team, but I miss seeing Hamilton’s name on my daily roster. I parted ways with him for Joey Votto and Roy Halladay. I still think I got the better end of the deal in the long run, but after last night’s performance if someone really wanted to pry him away via trade, is it even possible (realistic?) to give up more than the first and 2nd round picks I obtained for him? Probably not. If you have the resources to make such a move, don’t. Sit tight. In fact, pre set your line ups for the next 3 weeks and lock up your computer. Better yet, have a trusted friend take it away. You need to be protected from yourself. There is a good chance Hamilton gets hurt in that time anyway.

  • Hunter Pence is on a nice little binge. His HR last night was his 4th in five games.
  • David Robertson picked up his first save on the season since Mariano went down. He’ll get the majority of chances with Rafael Soriano getting a chance every now and then.
  • Yesterdays pitching matchups recommended that AJ Burnett get started on your rosters…if you didn’t take that advice, you missed out on an 8 inning gem that produced only 2 earned runs, 10 K’s and a game WHIP under 1.00. His opponent, Edwin Jackson, who also received my FB365 approval yesterday lasted 7 innings, struck out 5, allowed 2 earned and also provided a game WHIP under 1.00.
  • Ian Kennedy, another FB365 approved pitcher yesterday, didn’t fair quite so well, but giving up 2 HR’s to Carlos Beltran in the first two innings, one of which was a grand slam, will do that. Final line, 7 IP, 6 earned on 6 hits and 6 K’s with a couple of walks. I think everyone else would have said to start Kennedy too yesterday, so I don’t feel so bad about that.
  • Andrew McCutchen finally hit his first HR of the year. Not good for someone many experts were saying could challenge 30/30.

Pitching Match ups

Cueto @ Greinke

Hudson @ Maholm

Friedrich @ Bass 

Morrow @ Ross

Peavy @ Gomez

Gee @ Lee – For his career, Gee is 1-1 with a 10.22 ERA at Citizens Bank Park. He has made 3 starts there, and amassed only 12.1 IP.

Niemann @ Phelps

Lewis @ Chen

Detwiler @ Bedard

Johnson @ Harrell – Sorry Josh. Your services will not be needed until further notice.

Santana @ Pavano

Lester @ Chen

Lohse @ Miley

Smyly @ Vargas

Lincecum @ Billingsly