Matt’s 2012 Player Rankings

We here at FB365 have been throwing out some position ranks sporadically this spring position by position. We were trying to go for a listing that would show you all how we felt collectively and individually. While this effort was working well for a while, it’s also kind of been done before. We decided to plow forward and treat you all to our individual ranking, individually. This will give you, our hopefully loyal readers, better insight to how we tick. It will also give you a clearer view of how you may horribly disagree with us, and provide you with enough ammunition to shoot us down in the comments! We love debates and hope to see our ranks start some in the comments. It may also reaffirm your feelings on certain players. I know before I started writing I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I found other people who agreed with me on a player.

Things to keep in mind when looking at my player ranks. I value players that combine power and speed, which may lead to some head scratchers in the rankings if you don’t personally think that way.

If a player seems on the low side to you, he was probably hurt or has an injury history that I’m concerned with.

Every couple of days I’ll come back and put a new article up to dissect a position. Talk about players I like, players I don’t, sleepers, etc.

Check out my player ranks, broke down by position, here…