Dealing Dodgers: Harang and Capuano

Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano are having big-time bounce-back seasons for the Dodgers, rewarding management for investing in each pitcher for more than just one season. They have also rewarded fantasy owners quick enough to snag them off of the wire or draft them as late round sleepers. Can their surprise seasons continue? Here’s what I wrote about the two in an article for The Outside Corner…

“…in the case of both pitchers, their K/BB ratios are right around league average, which suggests that they might not be able to maintain their current level of performance. Harang is more likely to continue with his comeback season, given his move away from Great American Ballpark and into the expansive fences of Dodger Stadium. His HR/9 has dropped and he’s striking out about one more hitter per nine innings than he did last season. Capuano is still allowing over one home run per nine innings pitched, but he is also striking out almost eight batters per nine innings and has managed to strand 80 percent of his baserunners. That strand rate is about seven percent above the league average and his career average, which means that a regression is very possible and there is a good chance more of his baserunners allowed will come in to score in the second half.”

Though Capuano is in line for a regression, he should continue to post an above average strikeout rate as long as he’s healthy. Given his sub-three ERA, now is a good time to see what you can get for him, but he’s certainly not a throw in peice at this point. When I wrote that Harang “is more likely to continue with his comeback season,” I meant that his current level of performance (mid-to-high-threes ERA, which is good, but not great like Capuano’s current numbers) is reasonable to expect going forawrd, unlike Capuano, who could regress to a mid-threes ERA before long.