Daily Notes – The When To Sell High Edition

It was a quiet day in baseball yesterday, quiet as in there were only nine games. In those nine games though, there was plenty going on. As I was perusing the box scores from last night I saw that the Angels and Twins scored a combined 19 runs at Target Field. “Josh Willingham had to have done something there…” Sure enough, home run number four. Easily turning in the best profit so far this year, when do you think about selling? Who are other guys that have gotten off to a hot streak compared to where they were drafted? 

Josh Willingham -  In 6 games he has 4 HR’s, is batting .409 and has a hit in every game. The absolute best part about his early season HR binge is that three of his HR’s (one in each of the last three games) have all been at Target Field. I said it before the season started and I’ll say it again, Willingham has a history of hitting HR’s in ballparks that pitcher friendly. He has so much power that it doesn’t matter where he is playing. The AVG is going to come down, and he probably isn’t going to hit 50 bombs this year, but I don’t see any reason to “sell high” right now. Yes, I am obtaining him in a trade at the moment, but he isn’t the main piece and I have always been a Willingham fan. Picking him up is business as usual for me anyway.

Austin Jackson – He tweaked his batting mechanics in the off season and the results are eye opening. The 6th game of the season was the first one he didn’t get a hit in, but he still walked and managed to score a run. He also picked up his first steal of the season. It’s definitely a hot streak, but he is making contact the same way he did his rookie year, plus he is drawing walks, something he struggled to do in his first couple years. I would try to pick him up, but you might want to wait for him to go into a funk first as people may try to get more than his worth. I think he is going to rival his rookie season numbers and outshine them in some aspects once all is said and done.

David Freese - People have predicted stardom for Freese for a couple of years now and a .429 AVG with 3 HR and 10 RBI in 7 games is a nice streak, but the question has been health, which is a tough gamble. Dangle him out and see what you can get in return if you don’t have faith in him playing the whole year.

Same as yesterday with the Panic button edition, there are other players too, but I only have a finite amount of time to get an article out. If there are other players you have questions about, ask in the comments or twitter, @mattmcmillen365

  • In a Yahoo! Sports “Big League Stew” entry, Nats GM Mike Rizzo is quoted as saying that the Stephen Strasburg innings limit is media creation and that he doesn’t have a specific limit in mind for him. Is this smoke and mirrors or the best news for head to head league managers of all time? We’ll find out in August I guess.
  • Gio Gonzalez made amends with Nat’s fans to follow up his first outing (not so good) with a home debut that was pretty outstanding. 7 IP, 2 H, 7 K, no walks. He didn’t get the win though due to a Brad Lidge implosion.
  • Drew Smyly was passable in his debut from a fantasy perspective, and excellent from a help your team win games in a real life persective. He only made it through 4 innings, but he gave up only 1 run and fanned 4. The 3 walks and hit batter don’t look great, but this was the kid’s first appearance in a major league game.
  • Justin Morneau hit his first HR since May, and Joe Mauer hit his second HR ever at Target Field.
  • Matt Garza made it through 8.2 innings last night giving up 3 hits, no runs and k’d 9. Zach Greinke was not so good, lasting 3.2 innings giving up 8 earned. 
Pitching Matchups

 LAA @ NYY – Santana vs. Kuroda – Both guys should be OK to start, though Kuroda didn’t look comfortable in his first start. Hopefully he has the butterflies worked out.

TB @ BOS – Price vs. Beckett – There were some questions whether Beckett was healthy when he gave up 5 bombs in his last outing…he said he was fine and then people dropped it. I’m not so sure, but it’s early. If you have him play him.

DET @ CHW – Scherzer vs. Peavy – I stay away from Peavy pretty much all the time…

CHC @ STL – Samardzija vs. Wainwright – I’m throwing both guys out tonight.

CLE @ KC – Lowe vs. Hochevar – Stay with Hochevar cause @bchad50 says to!

PIT @ SF – McDonald vs. Cain – McDonald is a sneaky guy to get some K’s. 

CIN @ WAS – Arroyo vs. Zimmermann – Arroyo’s a no no. 

NYM @ PHI – Dickey vs. Lee – Both players are safe starts… I don’t know when Lee isn’t a safe start…

BAL @ TOR – Hunter vs. Morrow – Morrow…

HOU @ MIA – Harrell vs. Nolasco – Nolasco should be safe here.

MIL @ ATL – Wolf vs. Jurrjens – Wolf no, Jurrjens…eh, it’s your roster, not mine.

TEX @ MIN – Harrison vs. Swarzak – Harrison yes, Swarzak, no.

ARI @ COL – Hudson vs. Nicasio – Green light both!

OAK @ SEA – Colon vs. Hernandez – OMG These guys are STILL playing each other? Sit Colon.

SD @ LAD – Richard vs. Harang – I wouldn’t mind throwing the Harangutan out there tonight.