2012 RAW Pitcher Ratings: Preseason

RAW Pitcher Ratings are back! The goal of these ratings is to show the raw skills a given pitcher presented regardless of the outcome in terms of ERA, WHIP or wins. In other words, Zack Greinke’s ERA from 2011 might be unimpressive, but his rate stats look extremely impressive. It’s important to note that these ratings show what a pitched has done, not necessarily what he will do. I’ll cover that in more detail this week and look at the pitchers most likely perform better or worse than their RAW Pitcher Ratings indicate.

How to read the ratings at a glance:
90-100 = Dominant skills
80-89 = Excellent skills
70-79 = Good skills
60-69 = average skills
50-59 = Risky skills
1-49 = Unlikely to make an impact

Minimum 100 IP