The Balls: from 4/28/11

In a double-header against the Twins, Ben Zobrist went 7-for-10 with two home runs, 10 RBI and five runs scored.

Ben Zobrist was the balls.

There might be some split feelings out there about Zobrist going forward. He had a huge season — and quite an unexpected one — in 2009, but followed with a huge drop-off last season.

I had the Zobeast projedted at .268/.362/.484 with 17 HR, 82 R, 85 RBI and 20 SB

ZiPS rest of season projection for Zobrist is .258/.354/.448 with 16 HR, 61 R, 63 RBI and 14 SB
With the ZiPS rest of season projections, Zobrist would have a line of .256/.346/.477 with 23 HR, 79 R, 88 RBI and 18 SB

Zobrist has a line drive rate under 10 percent right now and given his career average of 18.2 percent, I expect that number to rise along with his AVG. That being said, while I still think Zobrist can be a .265-.275 hitter, his home run production is likely to tail off a bit. His current 22 percent HR/FB rate is a bit high, but not crazy high (17.45 HR/FB rate in 2008 and 2009).

The bottom line is that Zobeast is back to an exstent as a valuable fantasy comodity. He’s not a star, however, so you could certainly sell high given the right player in return.

Micahel Pineda has almost everything one could want in a pitcher. His fastball is blazing and he has the ability to hit the corners with frequency. His slider is also a plus-pitch. However, I’m still not seeing a great changeup. That might be nitpicking, however, as the power combo of the fastball and slider plus location has been more than enough of late. I still have my concerns for the long-run of this season. Pineda will face an innings cap, which is not good for head-to-head leagues and I think teams might find more success against him as the season moves along. It is certainly not a bad idea to try and sell high at this point.

2008 was the last time Lance Berkman hit eight or more home runs in any one month. His current BABIP is .406. His current HR/FB rate is 33.3 percent. You do the math.

I’ll buy a nice comeback season from Brekman (maybe (.290/.390 with 25 HR), but how long before he has to miss time with an injury?