The Balls. 4/26/11

I’m going to try something new this year. Instead of putting up a rundown of all the box scores, which you can find at a number of outlets, I want to do a daily recap of things I actually saw and thought while watching baseball. I’m calling it “The Balls” because I’ll be highlighting one player who was “The Balls” in terms of performance for the day/night. 

In case you are wondering what the heck I mean by “The Balls”, think movie reference and stay classy.

On Tuesday night, Brent Lillibridge was The Balls.

Someone (perhaps many) in this fantasy baseball playing world will owe their 2011 championship to Brett Lillibridge and he won’t ever actually be on their roster.

If you’ve seen Tuesday’s highlights, you’ve seen the first great catch and you’ve seen the amazing second catch. How many fantasy GM’s added Sergio Santos recently? In most leagues, he should be owned by now. If Santos keeps the closers job for the rest of the season and one or more of those fantasy GM’s wins their league by one point in the save category, they can look back and say, “I owe it all to Brent Lillibridge.”

Zach Britton looked great in his outing against the resurgent Red Sox. Every single one of his pitches was breaking down and breaking late. He’s going to be a very solid fantasy starter for years to come. Congrats if you have him in a keeper/dynasty format.

Mitchell Boggs may have been charged with a blown save, but his outing included a a botched bunt and a “ground ball with eyes”. I wrote that he’ll likely be a good, not great closer in 2011 so just enjoy the cheap saves and don’t fret too much over outings like this one.

Angels’ part time catcher and top prospect, Hank Conger, went 2-for-4 and is now hitting .306 with two home runs for the season. One of these days, Mike Scioscia may be forced to give Conger the lion’s share of at-bats at catcher. One day, maybe, but who knows. I mean, Jeff Mathis is the best defensive catcher in baseball right? Who cares if he hits .200 with an OBP bordering on “you should be in the minor leagues”? Even if Conger does snag more playing-time, he’ll still be more of a deep league option.