Random Mock Draft

The other day I decided to join a random mock draft at CBSSports.com. I was curious to see the difference between drafting in an expert mock and one with random people. Here’s what I ended up with…

Rosters were C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF (5), UT, P (9) – 12 teams, I picked 11th.

You can views the round-by-round results here.

Pos Player Round Overall
C Iannetta, Chris C COL 19 227
1B Gonzalez, Adrian 1B BOS 2 14
2B Nishioka, Tsuyoshi 2B MIN 17 203
3B Wright, David 3B NYM 1 11
SS Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW 8 86
OF Kemp, Matt CF LA 3 35
OF Pence, Hunter RF HOU 5 59
OF Bruce, Jay RF CIN 6 62
OF Pagan, Angel CF NYM 13 155
OF Morgan, Nyjer CF WAS 21 251
U Dunn, Adam 1B CHW 4 38
CI Reynolds, Mark 3B BAL 12 134
MI Aviles, Mike 2B KC 22 254
P Billingsley, Chad SP LA 7 83
P Lewis, Colby SP TEX 9 107
P Chacin, Jhoulys SP COL 15 179
P De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL 16 182
P Matusz, Brian SP BAL 18 206
P Shields, James SP TB 20 230
P Nathan, Joe RP MIN 10 110
P Thornton, Matt RP CHW 11 131
P Broxton, Jonathan RP LA 14 158

I’d take this type of team any day. I tried to load up on power early and grab speed late. I also stuck to my 7/10 split strategy, which landed my Billingsley and Nathan as my first SP and RP. Like most of my pitching staffs, this one has a ton of upside, but does carry some risk as well.

Getting Wright and A-Gone with my first two picks was money and I think Matt Kemp proves to be a steal in round three. After loading up on power early, I made a note to target stolen base threats later in the draft and I feel good having landed Nishioka, Pagan and Morgan. My closer trio of Nathan Thornton and Broxton could be the best in the league, if this were a real league.