Post all-star rankings: Catcher

1. Brian McCann – Having yet another solid season.

2. Victor Martinez – The power game has been slow to come around, but a .300 hitting catcher who drives in runs is ultra valuable no matter what.

3. Miguel Montero – As long as he stays healthy, the numbers should remain solid.

4. Carlos Santana – Everything but the AVG is top-of-the-line and LD% trending up since April. He’s a beast in OBP leagues.

5. Mike Napoli – When healthy, he hits the ball real far. Look for top-notch power numbers the rest of the way.

6. Alex Avila – He’s really scuffling in July and his power numbers will probably remain subdued the rest of the season as fatigue plays a role (headed for career high in innings caught).

7. Joe Mauer – This one is tough to call. He hasn’t been able to get much going even when healthy, but he still has the upside to be a top-five catcher the rest of the way.

8. Matt Wieters – Don’t worry, I’m still man-crushing on Wieters. He put up solid first half numbers and is a career .281 hitter post-all-star break.

9. Ramon Hernandez – At this point, Hernandez has proven that his .300 AVG is no fluke. However, there is at least some risk in the fact that he’s a 35-year-old catcher.

10. Miguel Olivo – Well, at least power numbers from a catcher are valuable.

11. A.J. Pierzynski – Nothing spectacular here, but .290-plus with a few HR’s is likely.

12. Yadier Molina – Solid AVG with one or two HR per month. One of the more reliable bats at the position.

13. Russell Martin – Martin hit .200 in May, .185 in June and is hitting .143 this month. he still has the potential to pop a few out or steal a base now and then, but don’t count on much.

14. Geovany Soto – The power numbers have been decent and there is a chance that his AVG improves in the second half (.279 BABIP, 22% LD%).

15. John Buck – He’s getting regular playing time and could end up hitting 10-12 more home runs this season.

16. Wilson Ramos – Holding his own in this first full season, but streaky at the plate.

17. Chris Iannetta – Outside of OBP leagues, Iannetta’s value is limited due to a very low AVG. However, he does have upside to go on a home run streak.

18. J.P. Arencibia – See above, minus the OBP part.

19. Jorge Posada – His .382, 3 HR June may and up being the outlier of his season. There’s still a little upside for decent power output.

20. Kurt Suzuki – His rate stats are all good, but the results, not so much. At least there’s upside for a slightly better second half.

21. Jonathan Lucroy – His .298, 5 HR month of May put him on the map, but he hasn’t done much since.

22. Carlos Ruiz
23. Ryan Hannigan
24. Yorvit Torrealba
25. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
26. Jason Varitek