My early season trades

I know, I know. I just published an article called Reject! Reject! in which I wrote about how I tend to reject more trades this time of year due to the small sample size of stats and people trying to buy way low on some of my struggling players. However, being in 12 leagues means that I have a lot of players to monitor and at times a lot of needs to fill. Here are the three trades I have made so far this season.

League: FB365 vs MDS – H2H
Teams: 14
Stats: R, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG – W, SV, HLD, K, ERA, WHIP, QS

I traded: Adam Dunn and Francisco Liriano


Troy Tulowitzki and Mariano Rivera

The trade is obviously working in my favor out of the gates (it was done before opening day), but I still believe in Liriano and starting pitchers do carry a lot of weight in this format. However, I couldn’t pass up a chance to add Tulo. Asdrubal Cabrera was my starting shortstop before the deal and his hot start has allows me to play him at UTIL until Mike Stanton is healthy and mashing again.

League: FB365 Dynasty – Roto
Teams: 12, with 5 man minor league rosters
Stats: Standard 5×5 

I traded: J.P. Arencibia


Yunel Escobar

We did a slow draft for our five minor league roster spots before doing a standard snake draft (MLB rookie rules apply). During the minor league draft, I took J.P. Arencibia, but during the major league draft I was able to land Carlos Santana. Also having drafted Derek Norris for my minor league roster, I now had three young catchers with only one roster spot to fill and Santana is my man for the future. One aspect my team has been struggling in (other than having Longoria on the DL) is my middle infield position. I currently have Aaron Hill there, but he hasn’t done a thing all season. Rather than wait and see if he turns things around, I decided to try and make a move. The team I traded with has John Buck as their starting catcher with Devin Mesoraco on their minor league roster. Arencibia gives this team a nice partner to go with Buck for this season and a solid piece to have for the future until Mesoraco is ready for full-time major league duty. For my team, I plug in Escobar, who’s ground ball tendencies should continue to play well on the turf in Toronto. Being second to last in the AVG category, I think this was a fine move for my team and a move that should work out well for both sides.

League: Battle of the Fantasy Gods
Teams 14
Stats: Standard 5×5

I traded: Joe Nathan


Brett Anderson

My closers consisted of Nathan, Hanrahan, Contreras and Thornton/Santos. My starters were Lester, Liriano, De La Rosa, Colby Lewis, Wade Davis, Esmil Rogers and Joel Pineiro (DL). Given the risk involved in pitchers like Rogers, Davis and Pineiro, I felt like I could sustain the loss of Nathan while adding what could be a front-end starter in Brett Anderson. This trade seems fairy even to me. The other team was in need of saves and I was looking for ways to add one more solid starter to my rotation. With Hanrahan, Contreras and Thornton/Santos still left to get me some saves (and a couple teams in the league punting saves), I feel like I should be fine in that category.