Join Forces with FB365 and Take Down the Million Dollar Sleepers!

It’s really nothing more than a squirely contest between two blogs for the heart of the fantasy baseball world…NOT!

What this is is a drag ’em out and beat ’em down battle of the blogs! It’s the 2011 FB365 vs MDS league and we need YOU to help bring down the opposition! Spots are going fast, so be the first to email me and get in on the action. This is a two division H2H league. Below is a description from the commish on the format as well as the unique categories we will be using…

Welcome to the first FB365 vs MDS Blog League, where Fantasy Baseball meets blog-on-blog crime. Picture the Bloods and the Crips waging war and inflicting pain on each other using the devastating power of statistics. That’s us. Each and every week, seven FB365-led teams will face off against seven MDS-led teams, until we go into a wild free-for-all frenzy during the playoffs. You have 22 weeks to prove your team is playoff worthy.

Be sure to check out the Scoring and Settings, they are very unique. You will need to adjust your rankings accordingly. Before you ask why we are using a 5×7 scoring, let me explain the beauty of this system.

It’s not 5×7. It’s just a 12-stat scoring system. Every Hitter and Starting Pitcher has five stats for which to contribute. This is the balance most leagues do not have. You cannot get 7 stats from any Pitcher in a single game. I know you love the Home Runs (chicks dig the long ball), but it is not the best measure of Power. We are able to combine Singles, Doubles, Triples and Home Runs into one stat that truly measures Power. Obviously, OBP helps us include Walks. Combined, these two categories help us include three important stats that most leagues do not count. Also with OBP and SLG, we now have two stats that can be negatively effected (similar to WHIP and ERA). That’s just more balance. Starting Pitchers need this balance, they are the most important players in the real game and deserve some credit in the fantasy realm.

Auction Draft: every team has $260 to spend during the draft and $100 of FAAB to use during the season. The auction draft bid timer has been reduced to 10 seconds to shorten the draft. Every time a bid is placed, the timer will be reset to 10 seconds. We shorten the timer so we don’t have to watch a 30-second countdown during the $1 end game. The nomination order will be random.

Represent FB365! Email me today!