Impact: New Dimensions at Citi Field

MetsBlog passes along generated images of the new dimensions of Citi Field. Not only will the fences be moved in throughout most of the park, they will all be eight feet tall throughout the outfield. The fences got as high as 12 feet in the original dimensions. Head over to MetsBlog to check out the pics. This is sure to help all of the Mets hitters with pop, especially those who have power to right field. A healthy David Wright could benefit greatly from the new dimensions. As you can see from the hit chart below (via TexasLeaguers.com) Wright may have lost a few home runs in 2010 due to his home parks dimensions (though the data is from all hits in 2010). I chose to use 2010 data due to the fact that his 2011 season was plagued by a back injury.

Wright has the talent to be a second round value, maybe more. If his health checks out during spring training, keep Citi Field’s new dimensions in mind.

The opposite is true from the perspective of the pitchers. Mike Pelfrey, Dillon Gee and Chris Capuano (if they bring him back) all had HR/9 rates of around one home run per nine or worse (Capuano had a 1.3 HR/9). None of those pitcher have high expectations heading into 2012, but this could hurt their NL-only value.