FB365 Dynasty trade: Teixeira for Crawford

A very interesting trade went down in the FB365 Dynasty League. Team Inferno (5th place, 5.5 pts back of 1st) dealt Mark Teixeira to the Astro Zombies (11th place, 46.5 pts back of 1st) for Carl Crawford. Just based on 2011 numbers alone, it seems odd that a team only 5.5 points out of first would deal a top 50 player for one that has been a major letdown and is coming off of a leg injury. The team in contention is taking on a risk by acquiring Crawford, but the upside in the deal is enough to make it well worth while.

Team Inferno leads the league in home runs, thus giving them 12 points in that category. However, they only have four points in the stolen base category and four points in the AVG category. If Carwford performs to his career standards the rest of the way, Inferno can make up some big ground in both of those categories. Other than B.J. Upton, there are very few other players on that team capable of stealing a good number of bases the rest of the way.

Looking at the deal in a long-term point of view, Inferno gets a double win in my opinion. Not only is Crawford a couple years younger than Tex, but he should bounce back to be the player he was before this season and have more value on a yearly basis from here on out. Given Crawford’s struggles this season, I understand that might seem like a bold statement, but his track record speaks for itself. As we have seen this season, adjusting to a new team can sometimes derail a season (Uggla, Dunn). Crawford is too talented not to bounce back and when he does, the lineup around him will only help increase his overall production.

That being said, adding a bat like Tex is not exactly a bad thing. His power output has been as consistent as they come and being in the middle of the Yankees lineup helps in that regard as well. The move actually fits the team needs of the Astro Zombies as they have been hit very hard by DL stints this season and are currently without a CI.

In the end, I can’t help but think Inferno wins this deal in the sense of it’s dynasty league significance. Who do you think wins?