Battle of the Fantasy Gods Expert League Draft: Rounds 23-28

Finally, we wrap up the Battle of the Fantasy Gods draft recap, taking a look at the exciting final rounds. What types of deep sleepers will emerge?

You can see the participants as well as rounds 1-7 here, rounds 8-15 here and rounds 16-22 here.

Round 23
Pick Team Player
1 Fantasy Alarm Westbrook, Jake SP STL
2 TPFSers Hall, Bill LF HOU
3 FB365 Pineiro, Joel SP ANA
4 CBS Sports Bailey, Homer SP CIN
5 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa LaPorta, Matt 1B CLE
6 The Fantasy Man Duensing, Brian RP MIN
7 Fantasy Sports Empires Aybar, Erick SS ANA
8 Fantasy Pros 911 Uribe, Juan SS LA
9 Razzball Morgan, Nyjer CF WAS
10 Lowe, Derek SP ATL
11 Tony Cincotta* McDonald, James SP PIT
12 FB Tonight Richard, Clayton SP SD
13 Dickey, R.A. SP NYM
14 RotoRob Farnsworth, Kyle RP TB

At this point I have a solid top three in Lester, Liriano and Lewis (The big L3!) and solid upside plays in Jorge deLa Rosa and Wade Davis. Now, I’m looking to add a “comfortable” pitcher. One that will give me depth and decent rate stats even if the upside isn’t very high. That’s where I settle on Joel Pineiro. When healthy, Pineiro continued to post a well better than average ground ball and line drive rates as well as keep hitters off base due in part to an excellent 2 BB/9. If he can give me a 3.80 ERA and a WHIP around 1.20, he’ll have retained value.

Round 24
Pick Team Player
1 RotoRob Matsui, Hideki DH OAK
2 Hundley, Nick C SD
3 FB Tonight Colvin, Tyler LF CHC
4 Tony Cincotta Brignac, Reid 2B TB
5 McClellan, Kyle RP STL
6 Razzball Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE
7 Fantasy Pros 911 Wigginton, Ty 1B COL
8 Fantasy Sports Empires Jones, Chipper 3B ATL
9 The Fantasy Man Morse, Michael RF WAS
10 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa Hawpe, Brad RF SD
11 CBS Sports Moreland, Mitch 1B TEX
12 FB365 Betemit, Wilson 3B KC
13 TPFSers Lopez, Jose 3B COL
14 Fantasy Alarm Carrasco, Carlos SP CLE

This was a complete flier pick based on Betemit’s 3B eligibility and upside for some home runs and RBI. His playing-time is the key and if he doesn’ get any to start the season, he’s likely on of my first cuts. I really wanted Asdrubal Cabrera  here and also had Nick Hundley on my radar, but both we’re gone by the time it got back to me.

Round 25
Pick Team Player
1 Fantasy Alarm Miranda, Juan 1B ARI
2 TPFSers Kuo, Hong-Chih RP LA
3 FB365 DeJesus, David LF OAK
4 CBS Sports Pelfrey, Mike SP NYM
5 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa Soriano, Rafael RP NYY
6 The Fantasy Man Cecil, Brett SP TOR
7 Fantasy Sports Empires Gonzalez, Alex SS ATL
8 Fantasy Pros 911 Santana, Johan SP NYM
9 Razzball Dotel, Octavio RP TOR
10* Guthrie, Jeremy SP BAL
11 Tony Cincotta Damon, Johnny LF TB
12 FB Tonight Jennings, Desmond CF TB
13 Maybin, Cameron CF SD
14 RotoRob Pineda, Michael SP SEA

Looking now to add outfield depth, I turn to the steady David DeJesus. He’s not going to give me a ton of homers or stolen bases, but if he can hit .290 with decent R/RBI numbers, he’ll be a solid value here. As of now, it looks like he’ll hit third for the A’s.

Round 26
Pick Team Player
1 RotoRob Belt, Brandon 1B SF
2 Avila, Alex C DET
3 FB Tonight Rauch, Jon RP TOR
4 Tony Cincotta Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS
5* Wolf, Randy SP MIL
6 Razzball* Allen, Brandon LF ARI
7 Fantasy Pros 911 Francisco, Ben LF PHI
8 Fantasy Sports Empires DeRosa, Mark LF SF
9 The Fantasy Man Jepsen, Kevin RP ANA
10 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa Holland, Derek SP TEX
11 CBS Sports* Burrell, Pat LF SF
12 FB365 Motte, Jason RP STL
13 TPFSers Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
14 Fantasy Alarm Wallace, Brett 1B HOU

Now, with a bit of depth in my rotation and bench, I take a fler on Jason Motte in hopes that this is finally the year Ryan Franklin falls apart.  Motte has been working on a sinker and cutter in hopes of increasing the effectiveness of his four-seam fastball. Last season Motte improved his control while lowering his line-drive rate, increasing his whiff rate and increasing his chase rate. Here’s hoping for some cheap saves!

Round 27
Pick Team Player
1 Fantasy Alarm Drabek, Kyle SP TOR
2 TPFSers Brantley, Michael CF CLE
3 FB365 Johnson, Dan DH TB
4 CBS Sports Braden, Dallas SP OAK
5 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa Cain, Lorenzo CF KC
6 The Fantasy Man Gomez, Carlos CF MIL
7 Fantasy Sports Empires Joyce, Matt RF TB
8 Fantasy Pros 911 Morel, Brent 3B CHW
9 Razzball* Moustakas, Mike 3B KC
10* Pavano, Carl SP MIN
11 Tony Cincotta Volstad, Chris SP FLA
12 FB Tonight Fuentes, Brian RP OAK
13 Bernadina, Roger CF WAS
14 RotoRob Murphy, Daniel 1B NYM

Dan Johnson has the upside to hit 20-plus home runs. I’m not necessarily expecting him to, but I could use the insurance for Justin Smoak at my CI position.

Round 28
Pick Team Player
1 RotoRob Maya, Yunesky SP WAS
2 Nady, Xavier 1B ARI
3 FB Tonight Hochevar, Luke SP KC
4 Tony Cincotta* Izturis, Maicer 3B ANA
5* Rzepczynski, Marc SP TOR
6 Razzball* Montero, Jesus C NYY
7 Fantasy Pros 911 Madson, Ryan RP PHI
8 Fantasy Sports Empires Ackley, Dustin 2B SEA
9 The Fantasy Man Dominguez, Matt 3B FLA
10 Fantasy Baseball Sherpa* Barmes, Clint 2B HOU
11 CBS Sports Valencia, Danny 3B MIN
12 FB365 Ramos, Wilson C WAS
13 TPFSers Hudson, Orlando 2B SD
14 Fantasy Alarm Wells, Casper RF DET

This pick is to fill my second catcher spot. Ramos has some upside to hit for AVG with 5-10 homers, but his playing time is going to be limited at first. I’ll wait around and see what happens to a few other catcher battles this spring and may end up switching him out for someone who will play more.

And my team ended up like this…

C Chris Iannetta (17)
C Wilson Ramos (28)
1B Miguel Cabrera (1)
2B Ian Kinsler (3)
SS Derek Jeter (6)
3B Mark Reynolds (9)
MI Mike Aviles (15)
CI Justin Smoak (18)/Dan Johnson, after eligible (27)
OF Matt Kemp (2)
OF Jacoby Ellsbury (5)
OF Vernon Wells (13)
OF Josh Willingham (19)
OF Alex Gordon (21)
UT Vladimir Guerrero (12)

SP Jon Lester (4)
SP Francisco Liriano (7)
SP Colby Lewis (11)
SP Jorge De La Rosa (16)
SP Wade Davis (20)
SP Joel Pineiro (23)
RP Joe Nathan (8)
RP Matt Thorton (10)
RP Joel Hanrahan (14)
RP Jason Motte (26)

BN Nate McLouth (22)
BN Wilson Betimit (24)
BN David DeJesus (25)