2011 RAW Pitcher Ratings: First Batch

Below is the first batch of RAW Pitcher Ratings for the 2011 season. I set the minimum at 80 IP. If you are unfamiliar with the ratings, they are an attempt to gauge a pitcher based on his raw skill numbers: K/9, BB/9, HR/9, LD%, GB%, Chase rate and whiff rate. While the sample size is still a bit small to lock any of these rankings in stone, I think the chart gives us a good idea of who is truly dominant and who is performing a bit over their heads.

Rule of thumb: Any pitcher with a RAW of over 100 is just filthy. 90 or better is dominant and anything in the 80’s is excellent. Anything in the 70’s is very good and anything in the 60’s is good. A rating in the 50’s suggests decent enough for some deeper mixed leagues and anything below 50 is not very good at all.