2011 Keeper Rankings: Outfield

There are a lot of outfielders to choose from, no question about that. Due to that fact, I take a slightly different approach when looking to rank the outfield keepers, focusing even more on long-term value. Because of this, age and upside/downside plays an even bigger role. I’ve listed 70 outfielders here, since leagues can vary greatly in depth of the number of outfield spots as well as the number of teams/keepers used from year-to-year. Due to time constraints, I’ve only commented on a few players, so feel free to post any questions you may have about the list in the comments. 

Note: These are not positional rankings for 2011 and do not consider players with no major league experience (there are plenty of sources of prospect rankings for that). These players should help fantasy teams in 2011 as well as the foreseeable future. 

 The No-Doubts
1. Jayson Heyward
2. Justin Upton
3. Ryan Braun
4. Matt Kemp – Too much raw talent not to bounce back
5. Mike Stanton – On of the few projectable 40-plus HR bats in the game
6. Jay Bruce
7. Carlos Gonzalez
8. Carl Crawford
9. Andrew McCutchen
10. Josh Hamilton
11. Matt Holliday

The Maybes
12. Desmond Jennings – How about Crawford without the 15-plus HR’s
13. Colby Rasmus – Should be a consistent 20/15 hitter with 30/15 upside
14. Jacoby Ellsbury
15. Domonic Brown – 20/20 potential, but I don’t love the swing
16. Shin-Soo Choo
17. Drew Stubbs – AVG may fluctuate yearly, but 20/30 players don’t grow on trees
Andre Ethier (skipped over in original post)
18. Chris Young
19. Hunter Pence
20. B.J. Upton – Tons of upside, years of disappointment
21. Alex Rios
22. Delmon Young
23. Adam Jones
24. Nick Markakis – Consistent with AVG, needs to bring his power game back
25. Jayson Werth – Not a fan away from Philly and over 30 years old
26. Curtis Granderson
27. Nelson Cruz – If he could only stay healthy…
28. Shane Victorino

Deeper Keeper Considerations
29. Ryan Kalish – Ceiling for some 20/20 seasons
30. Carlos Quentin
31. Corey Hart
32. Grady Sizemore – Micro-fracture surgery = not good
33. Travis Snider
34. Denard Span
35. Cameron Maybin – Out of MiLB options, still potential for 15/25
36. Nick Swisher
37. Jose Bautista – Not buying a long-term power surge
38. Ichiro – Short term ranking is much higher
39. Jason Bay
40. Dexter Fowler – Looking for a breakout in 2011
41. Alex Gordon – Still could turn into a 20/15 threat
42. Franklin Gutierrez
43. Vernon Wells
44. Brett Gardner
45. Torii Hunter
46. Nyjer Morgan
47. Michael Bourn
48. Juan Pierre
49. Rajai Davis
50. Peter Bourjos – Love the speed, not sold on consistent AVG
51. Jason Kubel
52. Jose Tabata
53. Ryan Raburn – Plays everywhere and has 20-plus HR pop
54. Michale Brantley – Could steal 30-plus with more AB’s
55. Austin Jackson – HAS to hit for AVG and score a ton of runs for value
56. Carlos Beltran – Micro-fracture surgery = not good
57. Michael Cuddyer
58. Tyler Colvin – Not buying the 2010 power (19.4% HR/FB%)
59. Carlos Lee
60. Alfonso Soriano
61. Bobby Abreu
62. Coco Crisp
63. Josh Willingham
64. Chris Coghlan
65. Andres Torres
66. Will Veneble
67. Angel Pagan
68. Aubrey Huff
69. Marlon Byrd
70. David DeJesus