Why I Traded Helton For Morales

When Charlie posted a message stating that he needed a first baseman as a stop gap until Lance Berkman returns, I immediately looked at his roster to see if there was a way to make my team better. I offered Todd Helton for Franklin Morales and Charlie quickly accepted. Here are the reasons I did the deal:

Helton is going to be 37 in August and he hasn’t hit more than 15 home runs since 2005. He was a useful player last year, but in 2008 he only played in 83 games. Morales meanwhile is only 24 and struck out more than a batter per inning last season. Morales may not have been great last year, but he has several ingredients necessary to become a breakout player this season.

I own Ryan Howard, Carlos Pena, and Jorge Cantu who are all first base eligible. Cantu will probably end up playing third base once Chone Figgins becomes second base eligible, but I hardly view first base as a team weakness. On the other hand, I drafted Matt Guerrier and Kevin Gregg late hoping that I could get lucky and neither player is going to be closing. That left me with Andrew Bailey (injury risk) and Leo Nunez (bad pitcher risk). Sure Helton’s average would have been nice to keep around, but there was a greater void in the pen.
Huston Street’s Health
Whenever a player needs to be shut down repeatedly during spring training, the outlook on that player’s season cannot be good. Street should be out a month which will at least buy me some time to find the next closer who stumbled into a job. It could also get worse for Street who has a history of health issues and shoulder injuries have a way of reoccurring

Trading for the Sake of Trading
This is a boring trade. Two names that are off most top 150 lists. If it was trading someone like Kendry Morales for Jonathan Broxton, both parties might have waited a little longer before proposing and accepting. That said though, it sets the tone for the league that utilizing the message board and throwing offers our way will accomplish something – for better or worse. At the end of the day, fantasy baseball is just more fun when a team is making deals and shaking things up.

Why I Traded Helton For Morales

Here’s how the deal went down. Charlie posted a message stating that he needed a first baseman. Not necessarily the most talented guy in the world, but someone as a stop gap until Lance Berkman got back. I immediately looked at his roster for something that he would accept and something that would make my roster better. He immediately accepted my offer of Todd Helton for Francisco Morales. Here are the reasons I wanted Morales: