Two-Start Pitchers for Week Nine

This week’s two-start post is going to be quick and a little less detailed because of the holiday weekend.
The No-Doubters
Tim Lincecum (COL, @PIT)
Justin Verlander (OAK, @KC)
Ubaldo Jimenez (@SF, @ARI)
Matt Garza (@TOR, @TEX)
Roy Oswalt (WAS, CHC)
Francisco Liriano (@SEA, @OAK)
Ervin Santana (@KC, @SEA)

The Shoulds

Chad Billingsley (ARI, ATL)
Jaime Garcia (CIN, MIL)
Tommy Hanson (PHI, LA)
Ricky Nolasco (MIL, @NYM)
Andy Pettitte (CLE, @TOR)
Jeremy Bonderman (CLE, @KC) – Strikeouts way up this season and two good matchups in week nine.
The Gambles
Tim Hudson (PHI, @LA) – Almost 1:1 K:BB and low .222 BABIP against makes for a risky week against two good teams.
John Lackey (OAK, @BAL) – He has not been very effective this season. Strikeouts down, walks up, but two good matchups make for a good gamble.
Javier Vazquez (BAL, @TOR) – Two very good outings followed by a poor outing @MIN. Velocity still way down. Tough to start Vazquez against Toronto, esspecially with his home runs allowed issues.
Gio Gonzalez (@BOS, MIN) – Walks improving and could neatralize left-handed power of the Twins.
Doug Fister (MIN, LAA) – How long can Fister get away with striking out less then four per nine?
Brett Myers (WAS, CHC) – Solid peripherals for Myers and two decent matchups.
Joel Pineiro (@KC, @SEA) – Still getting a ton of ground balls. Worth a gamble against Seattle, less so against Kansas City, but decent deep two-start option if you need it.
Hisanori Takahash (@SD, FLA) – Strikeout numbers are a bit skewed, but good command should continue.
The Not-So-Much(s)
Mark Buehrle (TEX, CLE)
Rich Harden (@CHW, TB)
Bronson Arroyo (@STL, @WAS)
Kevin Correia (NYM, @PHI) – @PHI the problem here.
Jason Vargas (MIN, LAA) – Hasn’t been as sharp lately and matchups are not great.
Trevor Cahill (@DET, MIN) – Weak Strikeout rate not good for week nine matchups.
Ross Ohlendorf (CHC, SF)
The Stay Aways
Joe Blanton (@ATL, SD)
Nick Blackburn (@SEA, @OAK) – Forget the matchups, 2.5 K/9 makes Blackburn extremely risky no matter the opponent.
Brandon Morrow (TB, NYY) – Showing signs of dominance, but still no real sense of conrtol causing high pitch counts. Matchups couldn’t be worse.
Brian Matusz (@NYY, BOS) – I think he’ll still provide value this season, but not against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.
Mitch Talbot (@NYY, CHW) – 1:1 K:BB and .235 BABIP against will not hold ERA down much longer.
Luke Hochevar (LAA, DET)
Jake Westbrook (@DET, CHW)
Nate Robertson (MIL, @NYM)
Chris Narveson (@FLA, @STL)
Brian Bannister (LAA, DET)
Rodrigo Lopez (@LA, COL)
P.J. Waters (CIN, MIL)
Dave Bush (@FLA, @STL)
Luis Atilano (@HOU, CIN)
Craig Stammen (@HOU, CIN)
Charlie Haeger (ARI, ATL)
Week Nine Two-Start Rankings
Tim Lincecum
Ubaldo Jimenez
Justin Verlander
Matt Garza
Francisco Liriano
Roy Oswalt
Ervin Santana
Jeremy Bonderman
Chad Billingsley
Ricky Nolasco
Jaime Garcia
Tommy Hanson
Andy Pettitte
John Lackey
Brett Myers
Hisanori Takahash
Tim Hudson
Gio Gonzalez
Doug Fister
Javier Vazquez
Joel Pineiro
Kevin Correia
Bronson Arroyo
Mark Buehrle
Ross Ohlendorf
Jason Vargas
Trevor Cahill
Rich Harden
Brian Matusz
Brandon Morrow
Joe Blanton
Nick Blackburn
Mitch Talbot
Luke Hochevar
Jake Westbrook
Nate Robertson
Chris Narveson
Brian Bannister
Rodrigo Lopez
Dave Bush
P.J. Waters
Luis Atilano
Craig Stammen
Charlie Haeger