Travel Day, Reader Week, Etc…

Wow, I miss one day and I feel like I missed a month. Beckett blowing up, Starlin Castro has a day, Jonathan Broxton actually gets a save (and Hoffman too)!
Yesterday was a travel day for me. I was scheduled to get into my destination in enough time to write an article. Flight delays and hour-and-hours spend in Airport terminals (without my laptop!) turned into an arrival time in the early hours of the am. So, while I’ll try to keep things updated around here, it may be a little difficult this weekend.
That being said, I want to do something special next week.
This time of year is somewhat of a turning point for fantasy owners. A multitude of players are over-performing and under-performing. So, I post the question to you:
Who is the one biggest question mark on your fantasy team?
Send your answers to and I will be sure to feature my player analysis on your specific player at some point next week.