Re-ranked: The Rest of the Outfield

Ranking 50 outfielders is a task within itself, but there are plenty more names out there to mention. Here, in no particular order, are about 40 more outfielders who you may be wondering about.

Delmon Young – More contact and more power. Still not reaching the potential many thought he had years ago, but something close to .295/20/90 this season.

Raul Ibanez – While there is upside for some value here, it would not surprise me at all if Ibanez (38-years-old) has simply hit the wall.
Jason Kubel – He certainly won’t approach last season’s production, but deeper leagues will still find some value in his power. His struggles against left-handed pitching have escalated this season.
Johnny Damon – Age and being away from the short porch in Yankee Stadium have killed Damon’s value.
Nyjer Morgan – 14 of 24 in stolen base attempts is not a good sign. He’s not hitting for AVG, so he’ll have to kick up the stolen base pace to move up the rankings.
Carlos Quentin – power numbers could pick up, but AVG not likely to help much.
Adam Jones – Too many swings and misses combined with poor plate discipline look to keep his potential down all season long.
Juan Rivera – Could pick it up a bit and hit .275 with 10-12 home runs the rest of the way.
Nick Markakis – No power. No speed. Here’s a great breakdown on his lack of power.
David DeJesus – AVG should regress a bit and not going to do much in HR/SB categories.
Adam Lind – 20-plus home runs, sure, but he’s just a mess at the plate right now striking out over 27 percent of the time.
J.D. Drew – Only valuable in spurts and deeper leagues.
Cody Ross – Useful hitter in deeper leagues.
Hideki Matsui – Age and being away from the short porch in Yankee Stadium have hurt his numbers this season.
Jeff Francouer – Frustrating player to own as he is hot and cold quite often.
Franklin Gutierrez – Will have to breakout in the second half as he did last season to hold value, but the Mariners lineup is not producing many R/RBI.
Drew Stubbs – Could go 15/30 this season, but AVG is not likely to help.
Travis Snider – A strained right wrist has kept him out of action for a while and wrist injuries are never a goo thing for a player who’s value come from power.
Luke Scott – Should end up with similar numbers to last season, maybe a bit more AVG.
Jose Guillen – Seven home runs in April has inflated his overall stats. He’s a streaky hitter and unlikely to hit more than 10 or so home runs the rest of the season with a .260-.270 AVG.
Scott Podsednik – Stolen bases are not elite and the only real value he brings to the table. 
Jonny Gomes – AVG should drop, but has the potential to hit 15-plus home runs this season.
Seth Smith – Colorado’s outfield is crowded and Smith has issues against left-handed pitching. Useful in deeper leagues for his power.
Andruw Jones – Power number have fallen with plummeting AVG. More of the same should follow the rest of the season.
Brennan Boesch – .380 BABIP still incredibly high considering 15 percent line drive rate. Should regress in the second half, but still hit for some power.
Austin Kerns – .288 AVG useful in deeper leagues, but power numbers leave much to be desired.
Michael Bourn – The warning signs showed up early this season.
Austin Jackson – 26 percent strikeout rate very concerning for a player of his skill set. BABIP still over .400, which won’t hold. When his AVG regresses further he won’t hold value in mixed leagues without more stolen bases.
Chase Headley – Over-hyped by being the top prospect in a very weak system at the time. Headley should be an average Major League player, but nothing worth owning in mixed leagues at this time.
Andres Torres – AVG continues to regress and splits against lefties a problem (.220 vs LHP)
Fred Lewis – Needs to hit for AVG to maintain value and has cooled after a hot start.
Ryan Sweeney – Power numbers close to nothing, but AVG keeping him afloat in deeper leagues. That, however, may not last too much longer.
Kosuke Fukudome – As usual, Fukudome started out hot, but faded soon after. He’s done this song and dance each of his Major League seasons.
Eric Hinske – Hasn’t hit over .250 since 2006 and current .363 BABIP sure to fall. Only nine at-bats against left-handed pitching all year.
Will Venable – Stolen base total has been a nice surprise, but it is unlikely that his AVG will be usable in mixed leagues.
Cameron Maybin – Poor contact skills continue to plague him at the big league level.
Tyler Colvin – Current AVG seems like a bit of a mirage (31% strikeout rate and .375 BABIP). .292 AVG vs lefties wouldn’t hold over more at-bats (.467 BABIP vs. LHP).
Carlos Gomez – He’ll have to either hit for AVG or put up elite stolen base numbers (Ken Macha doesn’t let his players run wild).
Roger Bernardina – Early power is a bit fluky, but deep leagues may find value in his SB potential.
Corey Patterson – Deep leagues will find value in his stolen bases as long as he continues to get regular playing time.
Feel free to add anyone else in the comments.