Re-ranked Pt. 2: First Base

July 19, 2010: Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera (24) during the MLB baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.

Yesterday, we looked at the changes to the catcher position. Unfortunately one of the top five listed, Carlos Santana, got injured and is likely done for the season. Let’s hope that nothing bad happens to any of these first basemen as the fantasy trade deadline approaches.

1. Miguel Cabrera – Triple crown threat and outshiningthe Amazing Pujols.

2. Albert Pujols – Peripheral stats in a slight decline, which is a worrisome, but you can’t bet against one of the most feared hitters in the game.
3. Joey Votto – Continuing on his MVP pace, only a few minor setbacks have affected his value this season.
4. Mark Teixeira – .316 AVG, with nine home runs over the last 30 days. He was stuck in April longer than expected this season, but the production has every chance of staying hot all season.
5. Adrian Gonzalez – The trade for Ryan Ludwick finally gives A-Gonz some sort of protection in the lineup.
6. Prince Fielder – The potential is there for a couple more huge power months.
7. Kevn Youkilis – A recent thumb injury puts his rest of season projection in question. Will he shake it off and be fine or struggle like Aramis Ramirez did early this season?
8. Ryan Howard – What was looking like the start of a huge second half power surge has been halted by a sprained ankle that has landed him on the DL. If his ankle heals completely, there should be no issues once he returns.
9. Justin Morneau – Trying to predict how a player will come back from a concussion is always difficult, which is why Morneau ranks a bit low despite great numbers.
10. Nick Swisher – The new and improved line drive Swisher is turning a few more of those liners into home runs. In that lineup, Swisher’s production should result in continued runs and RBI.
11. Paul Konerko – The power has not reached the heights it did in April, but Konerko has been steady with the AVG and 5-6 homers for a couple months now.
12. Adam Dunn– Value would have been higher if he was traded to the White Sox, but he is working on his second straight productive season in Washington.
13. Lance Berkman – It’s been a rough year for Berkman, but once he gets used to Yankee Stadium and DH-ing, he could flourish with the short porch in right.
14. Aubrey Huff – Showing no signs of slowing down on his bounce back season.
15. David Ortiz – He continues to pop the ball out of the yard, but with limited upside in AVG.
16. Billy Butler – The power numbers are way down this season, but we know the potential for a surge is possible (see: September of 2009).
17. Mark Reynolds– Tons of power, tons of swings and misses, and the stolen base threat is gone. Pretty much exactly what I expected this offseason.
18. Garrett Jones– AVG fell off in July, but he’s been fairly consistent most of the season.
19. Luke Scott – As streaky as they come, but AVG has improved this season to go along with 25-plus HR pop.
20. Adam LaRoche – Has anyone told him that it’s the post-all-star break part of the season in which he usually goes bonkers?