Re-ranked: Outfield, 26-50

The top 25 outfielders have been ranked, but what about those who didn’t make the cut? Let’s take a look at how 26 though 50 shape up…

26. Shane Victorino – The power has been a surprise, but it has come at the expense of his AVG. His current 15 percent line drive rate is keeping his BABIP low. He has certainly showed better line drive skills in the past, so there is a chance for a .275-.285 AVG going forward.

27. Chris Young – There is a chance his AVG falls off in the second half.
28. Josh Willingham – Solid hitter capable of 12-14 home runs the rest of the way with good RBI production.
29. Ryan Ludwick – Capable of 12-15 home runs the rest of the way with good RBI numbers hitting cleanup for the red birds.
30. Marlon Byrd – Home run numbers have fallen off each month, but should end up with improved numbered from 2009.
31. B.J. Upton – Looking to improve on last season’s numbers, but power/AVG still not coming around.
32. Jason Bay – Citi Field is developing quite a track record of messing with potent power hitters. Bay’s current .362 BABIP isn’t a good sign for keeping his AVG above .280 going forward. At this point, there is no reason to assume that the power will suddenly show up at 2009 levels, though I think Bay can certainly hit more than four in the second half. 
33. Bobby Abreu – Should come up short of last season’s totals, but still has 15/20 potential.
34. Nelson Cruz – If he could actually stay healthy he would rank in the to 20 easily. His hamstring injury shout cut into his stolen base potential once he comes back.
35. Curtis Granderson – Still can’t hit lefties, but power/speed combo has a chance to pick up a little.
36. Jay Bruce – The potential for a huge power boost in the second half is very realistic.
37. Jason Heyward – Hitting a bit of a rookie wall right now and AVG may be tempered a bit going forward, but still a chance for 10-12 more home runs this season.
38. Juan Pierre – Line drive rate should improve, but hasn’t so far. The chance for 50-60 stolen bases makes him usable in all formats.
39. Angel Pagan – Solid hitter with 30 SB potential and should hit for enough AVG to stay mixed league worthy.
40. Michael Cuddyer – Power not going to reach 2009 heights, but prime lineup spot should keep RBI up.
41. Garrett Jones – Should end up with similar HR/SB numbers to last season with 85 or so RBI.
42. Alfonso Soriano – I’ll stand by this opinion.
43. Denard Span – The stolen base numbers are on par, but the AVG has yet to come around. .172 AVG on the road may be a bit fluky, so there is time for him to turn things around.
44. Manny Ramirez – Still not the same power hitter since returning from PED suspension last season. Also, at some point this season (or multiple points) Manny will be Manny once again and frustrate the heck out of fantasy owners…more so than he already has.
45. Julio Borbon – Coming on strong this month and has raised his AVG to a respectable .282. The stolen base potential is still there.
46. Rajai Davis – Stolen bases holding his value, but the outfield is getting crowded in Oakland.
47. Brad Hawpe – Power numbers way down, but a chance for that to change in the second half.
48. Chris Coghlan – Finally finding his groove and hitting .436 this month. He should be able to maintain a .280-plus AVG with 10-12 steals the rest of the way.
49. Aubrey Huff – Lineup and ballpark limit power potential, but a nice comeback season for deeper leagues.
50. Jose Bautista – In the midst of a home run drought. Without the long ball, his value falls big time. I suggested a sell high a couple of weeks ago.