Poll: Would you take Longoria over Fielder and Teixeira?

An interesting situation popped up as I was finishing my dollar value projections last night.  When I sorted my top 300 player rankings by dollar value, Evan Longoria came up as the eighth most valuebale player on the list.  His name comes after Matt Kemp and before the first base trio of Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Mark Teixeira.  That was somewhat surprising as both Fielder and Teixeira have routinely been drafted ahead of Longoria in mock drafts. 

The three actually compare quite nicely in the standard five offensive fantasy categories.  While Fielder has the edge in power, he isn’t projected to hit close to .300 again in 2010 (more like .290) and Teixeira is defiantly a .285-.295 hitter.  Longoria isn’t far off (my projection is for a .288 AVG) and he brings a few more stolen bases to the table. 

The one glaring difference between the three is that Longoria plays third base.  My dollar values definitely take into account position scarcity and third base is perhaps the most shallow position outside of catcher coming into the 2010 season.  If we get similar production from Longoria compared to Fielder and Teixeira, it would ultimately make Longoria more valuable as finding a replacement level player is much more difficult. 
Players like Joey Votto, Andrian Gonzalez and Kendry Morales are avilable much later in drafts when Michael Young could possibly be the best third baseman left on the board (and I’m not a Michael Young guy for 2010). 
So, the question is:  If you had to decide between Longoria, Teixeira or Prince Fielder in the first round, who would you take?
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