One Man’s Trash: Week Three

Chris Coghlan and Colby Rasmus are two outfielders among ESPN’s most dropped list in week three, but could they be worth an add to your fantasy team?  Let’s take a look at some of the names on this week’s list that could be due for a turnaround before long.

Chris Coghlan -23 percent

Coghlan is pressing big time.  His current plate approach is not indicative of what type of hitter he was coming into this season.  Having swung at only 21 percent of pitches outside the strike-zone last season, Coghlan is chasing bad pitches at an incredible 39 percent clip so far.  He is also swinging almost ten percent more frequently overall than he did last season.  With a track record all through the minor leagues and a strong showing in BB/K rate in his Major League debut last season, we can definitely expect Coghlan to turn things around at some point.  He is certainly not going to have the impact he did last season, but even in a slump he’s hitting second in the Marlins order.  When he gets his plate discipline back on track, he should be once again be a good source of AVG and runs scored.
Colby Rasmus -19.6 percent
Unlike the case with Chris Coghlan, Colby Rasmus has actually been showing improved plate discipline so far this young season.  Rasmus swung at pitches outside the strike-zone 26 percent of the time last season and walked in only 6.9 percent of his at-bats.  This season Rasmus has only swung at pitches outside the strike-zone about 12 percent of the time while drawing nine walks in 47 at-bats (19.1 percent walk rate).  He has also flashed some early power with three home runs.  Despite a low .227 BABIP, Rasmus has managed a .370 OBP.  That is a great indication that things should turn around before long.  Sure Rasmus has also struck out 12 times, but that number should decrease soon based on his track record. 
Frank Francisco -14.6 percent
Ron Washington has a thing for Frank Francisco.  He stuck by him as the Rangers closer last season despite injuries and inconsistent outings.  Washington has said he wants to get Francisco back into the closers role once he “rights himself”, but Neftali Feliz may make that a tough move to make if he continues to shut things down in the ninth.  If you have the roster space, I’d hang onto or add Francsico in the hopes that Washington keeps his word.
Stephen Strasburg -11.6 percent
This one I don’t get at all.  Anyone who drafted Strasburg knew that he’d likely not pitch in the Majors until at least May.  Why drop him now?  Strasburg has 11 strikeouts to only two walks in 7.1 innings pitched while only allowing one earned run.  He’ll be in Washington before long.  If someone in your league ran out of patience, take advantage and use a waiver claim to get Strasburg now.
Kevin Slowey -9.6 percent
An ugly 1.74 WHIP may be scaring fantasy owners away right now, but that number should come down before long.  Slowey has long been known for his excellent command, but he has walked six batters in 10.1 innings.  Last season Slowey only made 16 starts due to an injury to his right wrist.  Command is usually the last thing to return when a pitcher comes back from injury, so Slowey may be off for a little while.  However, his command was so good before the injury that we have to assume he will find it once again.  When that happens, he should continue to be a nice option for the back end of your fantasy rotation.