Mailbag: Prospects that could make a 2010 impact

In every fantasy league prospects will be on the minds of owners come draft day and well into the season.  While most prospects, if not all of them, will likely go undrafted in standard 12 team mixed leagues, there is a good chance that a number of them will be called upon by the big club at some point in 2010.  The big question is when (or if) they will get the call and what type of impact they can have when they do. 
Daniel M. Follows up with his previous mailbag question with five more prospects that could make a potential impact in 2010.
Dayan Viciedo
Tyler Flowers
Jordan Danks
Kyle Drabek
Brett Wallace
Consider this a preview of the 2010 FB365 Draft Guide, which you can access here.  These prospect notes and many more like them can be found in the 2010 Team Reports.  You can view a sample page here.

Dayan Viciedo, 3B – 2009 marked Viciedo’s professional debut.  After the months and months of hype about this Cuban import, the results were mediocre to put it lightly.  Not only did Viciedo struggle to hit for power, AVG and OBP, but he struggled adjusting to life lived among fast food joints.  Welcome to America.  If he can monitor his weight and let his natural talent shine, there could be a place for him in Chicago should Mark Teahen falter.  That or he could continue to hit like the Hamburglar and never amount to much of anything.

Tyler Flowers, C – Flowers does not appear in the draft guide for two reasons.  First, he’s blocked by A.J. Pierzynski, who has been one of the most reliable and dependable catchers in the game for years.  Second, Flowers has only 105 at-bats at the triple-A level, meaning he’ll likely need close to if not a full season there before the club gives him a serious look at the everyday Major League job. 
Long-term he projects as a catcher that can hit around 20 homers per year, but those power numbers would come alongside a low AVG.
Jordan Danks, OF – Danks also does not appear in the draft guide for reasons similar to what kept Tyler Flowers out.  Danks has only 284 at-bats at the double-A level on his resume, though he did have a nice Arizona Fall League showing.  His athleticism is top-notch, but his skills are still a bit raw as he has yet to really tap into his power/speed potential, making it questionable whether he’ll ever be a true impact player. 
The acquisition of Juan Pierre to go alongside the returning Alex Rios and a healthy Carlos Quentin make Danks’ chances of impacting fantasy teams in 2010 minimal at best.
Kyle Drabeck, SP - The prized piece of Halladay trade is clearly Drabek and if the Jays fall out of contention early the fans will be screaming to see their prize in action at the big league level.  If he gets the call in 2010 his plus fastball and devastating curve should get big league hitters out from the get-go.
Brett Wallace, SP – After the Blue Jays dealt Roy Halladay to the Phillies, they flipped Michael Taylor (part of the Halladay deal)  to the A’s for Brett Wallace.  There is no questioning that this guy can hit, but most see him as a future first baseman.  That should work out just fine for Wallace as Lyle Overbay does not represent much of a roadblock.
These are how these prospects rank out in my Top Prospects for 2010 (available as part of the 2010 Draft guide).  Keep in mind that this list is unique in the fact that it rates prospects on their potential 2010 Impact, not long term.
Brett Wallace (Ranked 8th)
Kyle Drabeck (Ranked 29th)
Dayan Viciedo (Ranked 74th)
Tyler Flowers (Not ranked)
Jordan Danks (Not ranked)
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