Head Swap: Fielder/Shields

Inspired by the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, here is FB365’s inaugural head swap.  This not only highlights my mediocre photoshop skills, but two players that might have an impact on fantasy teams in 2010.

Prince Fielder is a sure bet first rounder in 2010, yet his first four seasons have been anything but consistent.  2009 marked the highest AVG and BABIP for his career, suggesting that fantasy owners should be expecting a regression in 2010.  Still, Fielder will finish 2010 in his age 26 season and he already has 160 career home runs to his name.  He THE a man among men when it comes to potential power in the post-steroid era.  Just keep in mind that the first base position is deep this year.

Scot Shields is returning from knee surgery that cost him most of the 2009 season.  One could make an argument that a healthy Shields is the best reliever in the Angels pen given Fuentes’ regression and Fernando Rodney’s constant mediocrity.  That could mean a deep shot at saves in 2010, but the real dark horse is Kevin Jepsen, who, if he continues to improve his command, is by far the best late-game option for the Halos.
In the mean time, enjoy Scot Shields skinny head on the bulky body of Prince Fielder and the other way around.
Head Swap!!!