Guest Writer’s Week, FREE RAW Pitcher Ratings and More

Last season, while I was away on vacation, I put out a call to readers of this site to help fill the void. Next week I will be heading out of town to a place where internet access costs about $20 per minute (or some obscene number like that) and I need YOUR help!

Guest Writer’s Week

If YOU want to write an article for FB365 and have it published right here on this site email me asap ( with the headline “Guest Writer”. I’m looking for 4-5 articles so the first 4-5 people to sign up are the ones who get the spot.
If you have a blog of your own you would be free to publish your link as well. Thanks in advance to those who want to contribute!
FREE RAW Pitcher Ratings!
Though I put in countless hours preparing my RAW Pitcher Ratings, I feel like the only way to get them out to everyone is to make them available for free. Well, here you go! You can find a more detailed explanation of the RAW Pitcher Ratings here and download the spreadsheet here.
Non-Fantasy Related Reading
Just wanted to pass along a non-fantasy related article I wrote yesterday. I may be doing more of these at Bleacher Report from here on out.