Fire Brand of the AL: Papelbon, Kalish

I’ve been writing twice a week for Fire Brand of the American League for a couple of weeks now. Some of the articles, though not focused on fantasy baseball, still have some roto relevance in the analysis. The site has been having issues with a malware virus, but the problem has been fixed now, so feel free to head on over there for some great Red Sox analysis. I’ll be linking some of my articles here from time to time, sifting through the ones that I think hold the most roto significance.

Trade Papelbon? Not So Fast- Breaking down Jonathan Papelbon’s frustrating season and projecting forward while looking at whether or not Daniel Bard can be trusted to take over the closer’s role in 2011.

Ryan Kalish Continues to Perform- A look at Sox prospect Ryan Kalish and how he has out performed just about every other Sox prospect the last couple of seasons, as well as projecting his possible production 2-4 years down the road.