FB365’s Exclusive RAW Pitcher Ratings

Finally! After many, many, many hours, days, months of working on this project and tweaking the formula I am proud to present:
The goal of RAW (Ratio Algorithm Worth) is to break down a pitcher to their “bare bones”. It takes out of the equation anything the pitcher can’t control such as results of balls in play, errors, etc…and uses a group of factors that a pitcher can control like strikeouts, walks, home run prevention, swings and misses, etc…to come up with a rating.  

There are other advanced stats such as FIP, xFIP, tERA and SIERA that use a similar concept to essentially “adjust” a pitcher’s ERA. RAW’s purpose is similar, but instead of adjusting an ERA it throws it out the door completely. By doing so we can compare pitchers based on their raw skills. 


Essentially, RAW Pitcher Rating is a simple and extremely effective way to rank fantasy pitchers at a glance.

I’ve done all the dirty work, scoured through the stats and translated the numbers for you! All you have to do is subscribe today!
Top 10 pitchers based on RAW ratings
1. Francisco Liriano 99.81 RAW
2. Jered Weaver 98.97 RAW
3. Josh Johnson 94.64 RAW
4. Cliff Lee 86.00 RAW
5. Roy Halladay 85.59 RAW
6. Tim Lincecum 83.96 RAW
7. Clayton Kershaw 82.06 RAW
8. Dan Haren 81.37 RAW
9. Jon Lester 81.19 RAW
10. Adam Wainwright 79.84 RAW
Pitchers with low RAW ratings that might surprise you…
41. CC Sabathia 57.33 RAW
67. Matt Cain 42.42 RAW
75. Johan Santana 39.74 RAW
99. Fausto Carmona 24.10 RAW
Download thefull spreadsheet here.