FB365 Now on the Bloguin Network

Welcome to the new home of Fantasy Baseball 365! I am very pleased to have the opportunity to move my site to a great up and coming network like Bloguin. This network is already home to some of the best blogs around and expanding as we speak. I think you, the reader, will find this format much easier to use than it was on MVN. I plan to use the menu bar above to provide one stop information like rankings, categories, etc. You will also find a poll to the right sidebar as well as a twitter widget. As we head toward spring training I hope to add many more features to help make FB365 bigger and better than ever before.

The first poll is up. Vote on the feature you would most like to see in the near future.

  1. Chat feature/weekly chats
  2. Forums
  3. More poll questions
  4. Mock drafts
  5. Mailbag

For the time being there may be some archives missing. I’ll be working to get them all in order asap.

Enjoy the new Fantasy Baseball 365!!!