FB365 League Transaction Roundup 3/28

A new feature here at FB365 for the 2010 season will be a weekly transaction roundup of all the roster moves made in the FB365 League.  I think this will be a great way to look at real life fantasy baseball transactions that could happen in just about any league.  Participants in the league will have a chance to explain the reasoning behind their moves and I’ll give my own take as well.  You can find a recap of our league draft here.  Onto the first ever edition of FB365 League Transaction Roundup!


PBurke trades
Adam Dunn
Carlos Lee
Matt Cain
Seeking Relief trades
Justin Morneau
Ryan Ludwick
CC Sabathia
My take: PBurke may have the edge in Dunn for Morneau and CC for Cain, but he does take a significant downgrade from Carlos Lee to Ryan Ludwick.   Seeking Relief already has Zack Greinke and Felix Hernandez, so exchanging Sabathia for Cain won’t hurt that much. 
All in all it seems like a fairly even trade.
Free Agent/Waiver Adds
Dropped Brad Penny for Sean Rodriguez
Dropped Hideki Matsui for Maicer Izturis
My Take: Sean Rodriguez is having one heck of a spring and may force his way into some playing time once the Rays head north (about 60 miles).  Rodriguez has consistently hit for power in the minors, but his strikeout rate was over 30 percent at triple-A last season.   That could certainly be a problem over the long haul of a Major League season, which could lead to a reduced role or another trip to the minors.  However, as an upside play for power it is definitely worth dropping Brad Penny.
PBurke has a huge issue to start the season.  He didn’t draft a shortstop or middle infielder, leaving two positions open on his roster.  Maybe Sean Rodriguez can get playing time at second and fill his middle infield spot.  The addition of Maicer Izturis gives him at least one option at shortstop.  The problem is that Izturis won’t play everyday unless Brandon Wood, Erick Aybar or Howie Kendrick struggles in April.  This could be a huge problem that puts this team in a hole right out of the gate.
Babe Ruthless
Dropped Yadier Molina for Josh Willingham
Dropped Alfredo Aceves for Ricky Romero
Dropped Bengie Molina for Jason Motte
Dropped David DeJesus for C.J. Wilson
My take: Since this league only requires one catcher to start, the drops of Molina and Molina are a bit obvious.  Josh Willingham could have value in spurts, but he sort of “is what he is” at this point.  Jason Motte could see some cheap saves should Ryan Franklin struggle this season, which is very possible.  Motte has an electric fastball that averaged 96 mph last season, but it lacks movement.  He also lacks a true second pitch or great command.  Should he discover a way to get hitters out with his slider, he could emerge as the best arm in the Cardinals pen.
C.J. Wilson is an interesting case.  He improved his control last season and has showed great control this spring.  The experiment to put him in the rotation could go either way really as starting is much different than relieving.  At least there is some upside here and it only cost a David DeJesus.
Strictly Business
Dropped Michael Wuertz for Milton Bradley
Big Mike’s take: Well, Wakamatsu named Milton Bradley “the everyday cleanup hitter.” With their improved lineup that’s like automatic counting stats … as long as he STAYS the everyday cleanup hitter. I’ll miss Wuertz’ K/ERA/WHIP help, but I only had one bench bat (Polanco) and three MR at the time I pulled the trigger (Adams, Gregerson, and Wuertz).
My take: Wuertz is also suffering from tightness in his throwing shoulder.  There will be other K/ERA/WHIP relievers to add as the season goes along, so adding some depth to the bench was a good idea here.
Shallow Be Thy Game
Dropped Jeff Francoeur for Carlos Gomez
My take: At least Gomez has 30-plus stolen base potential.  I don’t see Jeff Francoeur breaking out in Citi Field as he continues to swing at anything the pitcher throws up there.