Fantasy Baseball’s Big Lebowski Halloween

Fantasy baseball is a game of numbers. It takes research and dedication to win a league championship. But it is also just a game. A game we play for fun. So, today at FB365, we’re going to have a little fun.

My friends and I have been trying to plan a “Big Lebowski” Halloween night for a couple of years now. This may have been the year, but unfortunately I am not around to play my role as The Dude. Instead, I have put together a cast of major league replacements in a “fantasy” Lebowski Halloween. 
This is for Joe, Steve, Todd, Rick, Luke and their special lady friends. We miss you already.
(And yes, these are my crappy photoshop skills at work)
Jayson Werth may look more like a caveman, but this postseason he grew out his goatee in preparation for playing the role of The Dude. 

“Fear the Beard” may have become a popular slogan for Giants fans this postseason, but the real reason behind the beard is Brian Wilson’s Halloween role as Walter. “Mark it zero!!!”

Some managers are all business, but not Ozzie Guillen. The man can party with the best of em’ and just like nobody F’s with Ozzie, nobody F’s with “The Jesus”.

Last, but certainly not least, is the single greatest Halloween guest appearance of all time. Sam Elliot wannabe Sal Fasano is “The Stranger”.

Happy Halloween!!!