Early Season AB/HR Rates

Last season Albert Pujols and Carlos Pena led all of baseball with a AB/HR rate of 12.1. 13 players last season had an AB/HR rate under 15. In 2008 there were only 11 batters with an AB/HR rate under 15. Currently there are 30 players that have AB/HR rates under 15. Many of these, as you will see, are unsustainable such as Paul Konerko and his crazy 6.8 AB/HR. Then there are players like Troy Tulowitzki that are almost guaranteed to hit home runs with more frequency.

Included in this chart is each player’s AB/HR rate as well as his translated home run total per 500 at-bats, 550 at-bats and 600 at-bats.  Some of the names at the top are good sell high candidates if you can get full price as their home run rates are sure to drop soon. You’ll also notice some names toward the bottom to buy low on that have track records of hitting for power.