Draft Review: Blog Wars 15 Team Auction

It was the last draft of the season for me.  FB365 Reader MDS (Million Dollar Sleeper) put together quite the cast in his 15 team league.  With representatives from other sites such as Razzball, Roto Graphs (Fan Graphs), KFFL, Fantasy Baseball Sherpa, AOL Fanhouse and more, this league is sure to be as competitive as they are my picks in order of aquisistion with the winning bid attached as well as some notes on the pick.

Ryan Braun $36 – I think this could be Braun’s best season yet.  He has 40/20 potential and at $36 he went for the same price as Miguel Cabrera and Ryan Howard.  He was less expensive than Joe Mauer ($45!) and Roy Halladay ($37).

Evan Longoria $37 – Third base is thin and this league is deep, so I was willing to go top dollar for Longo.  Chase Utley went for $40 so I feel good about Longo at $37.
Ubaldo Jimenez $26 – Since this league is deeper than a standard 12 teamer I knew I’d have to extend myself just a bit on starting pitching since there’d be less on the wire.  I may have over bid by a couple bucks, but I think it was worth it when all was said and done.
Nick Johnson $9 – I was trying to find a bargain early on here, but I ended up going over on Johnson by a few bucks.  I really like him as a sleeper pick this year so the $9 could prove well worth it.  The only problem is his history with injuries.  He’s my only first baseman right now, so a lot is riding on this $9 bid.  At least Johnson was $10 cheaper than most other first base picks (Derrek Lee $20, Billy Butler $19).
Elvis Andrus $12 – My team is shaping up to have plenty of power, so I am glad to land Andrus for some elite speed at a middle infield position.  Even if he doesn’t hit for a high AVG, Andrus should steal enough bases to earn his $12 price tag.
Mariano Rivera $15 – I don’t know how this happened, but I feel like someone should arrest me for robbing saves.  Jonathan Broxton and Joakim Soria went for $18.  Jonathan Papelbon went for $17, Brian Wilson went for $15, K-Rod went for $15 and Andrew Bailey went for $14.
Chone Figgins $16 – After I added Elvis Andrus I was looking at another big time stolen base option.  Figgins fit the bill here and his position flexibility a few games into the season could be huge for my team (2B/3B). 
Cole Hamels $20 – I told you I was extending myself on pitching.  Sometimes you just have to believe that a player will bounce back.  Hamels looks like one of those great bounce back candidates.  If he does indeed return to form I will actually have nice value at $20.
Ian Stewart $13 – With eligibility at 2B and 3B, Ian Stewart gets me back to going after the power departments and adds more flexibility to my roster.
Chad Billingsley $12 – Sometimes you just have to believe that a player will bounce back.  Where have you read that before?  At a mear $12 I am more than willing to bet on a bounce back from the young Chad Billingsley who ran into some bad luck and mechanical issues last season.
Carlos Quentin $17 – Sometimes you just have to believe that a player will bounce back (yes, another one).  Quentin’s injury plagued 2009 seams behind him now.  Even if he misses some time this season his power potential is about as good as it gets at this point in the draft.
Heath Bell $10 – Some early spending as a number of trams strapped for cash at this point.  I take full advantage and snag Heath Bell for a mere $10.  Brian Fuentes, Billy Wagner and Hiroki Kuroda went for the same $10.
Cliff Pennington $1 – I myself have spent a good chunk of change on my team so far.  I wanted to let things settle a bit and just go for a $1 player for the time being.  I nominate Cliff Pennington and his 20 steal potential for a buck and land him at that price.
Ryan Doumit $7 – Joe Mauer went for $45 (!) and Geovany Soto went for $16. I am quite content with Doumit as my number one catcher for $7.
Carlos Zambrano $5 – I’m not the biggest fan of Big Z, but as far as starting pitchers go at this point in the draft a $5 bid here seems about right. 
Justin Masterson $3 – He was my nominee for bidding and I was hoping to get him for $1, but someone else tried to buy him for $2.  I decided his upside was enough to go for the extra couple bucks given a well above average strikeout rate.
Juan Pierre $5 – Money is certainly coming into play now and I plan to take full advantage.  A full season from Pierre and 40-plus stolen bases will certainly be worth more than $5.  Along with Andrus and Figgins, I have enough to compete for the stolen base category this season.
Aaron Harang $3 – If I’m willing to go $3 on Masterson, I am certainly willing to go $3 on Harang.  Maybe Dusty Baker leaves Harang alone this season and lets him go every fifth day with no exceptions…maybe.
A.J. Pierzynski $4 – I had a chance to start the season with two solid catchers, so I spent the extra dollar to grab A.J. here. 
Jose Bautista $1 – Money is tight and I need a dollar option so I nominate Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays new leadoff hitter.  Hopefull he can ride a super hot spring into the reguar season.  I’ll gladly pay $1 to find out.  His thid base eligibility could be huge if things go right.
Brandon wood $2 – 20-plus home run potential at a premium fantasy position.
Lastings Milledge $2 – At this point a lot of teams only have the option to bid $1 to fill the rest of thier roster.  I have a little flexibility and decide to go in at $2 for Milledge’s 20/20 potential.  Even if he only goes 15/20 this bid will have been worth it.
Jonny Gomes $1 – There is some huge power potential here.  I mean, Carlos Pena of the outfield type potential.  For $1 and the possibility of a starting job I am very happy,
Delmon Young $1 – Young has been mixed league worthy in the past.  Why not take a dollar flier here and see if he can finally breakout?
Alberto Callaspo $1 – With this pick I’m just trying to add some depth to my middle infield.
Jose Mijares $1 – If he picks up a few saves and adds some strikeouts $1 will be a bargain.
General observations
Hanley Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez both went for one dollar more ($49) than Albert Pujols ($48).  One big surprise was Joe Mauer, who went for $45.  Tim Lincecum was the highest paid pitcher going for $41.  Mark Teixeira, David Wright and Troy Tulowitzki all went for $35.  I wanted Ricky Nolasco for $19 and was willing to push $20-22, but he went for $25. Jay Bruce went for the same price ($21) as Curtis Granderson, Chris Carpenter, Brandon Phillips and Adam Wainwright.  He also went for more than Nick Markakis, Bobby Abreu and Shin-Soo Choo, all of whom went for $20.  Gordon Beckham went for the same price ($17) as Aaron HIll. 
Some pitching bargains included: John Lackey ($12), Max Scherzer ($11), James Shields ($9), Jorge De La Rosa ($7), Roy Oswalt ($6) and Jason Frasor ($4).
Some bargain bats included: Julio Borbon ($10), Rajai Davis ($9), Brad Hawpe ($7), Juan Pierre ($5), Garrett Jones ($5), Juan Rivera ($5), Dexter Fowler ($4), Nick Swisher ($4), Erick Aybar ($4), Everth Cabrera ($4), Drew Stubbs ($3), Colby Rasmus ($3), Magglio Ordonez ($3).  There were a bunch of outfield bargains toward the end of the draft as well.
My Team:
C Ryan Doumit $7
C A.J. Pierzynski $4
1B Nick Johnson $9
2B Ian Stewart $13
3B Evan Longoria $37
SS Elvis Andrus $12
CI Chone Figgins $16
MI Cliff Pennington $1
OF Ryan Braun $36
OF Carlos Quentin $17
OF Juan Pierre $5
OF Lastings Milledge $2
OF Jose Bautista $1
UT Brandon Wood $2
P Ubaldo imenez $26
P Cole Hamels $20
P Chad Billingsley $12
P Carlos Zambrano $5
P Justin Masterson $3
P Aaron Harang $3
P Mariano Rivera $15
P Heath Bell $10
P Jose Mijares $1
BN Delmon Young $1
BN Jonny Gomes $1
BN Alberto Callaspo $1
I believe this league is set up to be viewable to the public.  You can check out everything here.  What is your feedback on the draft?