Anatomy of a Trade: First Trade of the Season

Ever wonder what goes through the heads of Fantasy GM’s when they propose a trade?  Well, this season we will have that opportunity thanks to the participants in the FB365 League.  The other day I went over some league transactions from last week.  Among those transactions was the first trade of the year. 

Here is what each GM had to say about why the deal was done.

PBurke trades
Adam Dunn
Carlos Lee
Matt Cain
Seeking Relief trades
Justin Morneau
Ryan Ludwick
CC Sabathia

Seeking Relief explains:

First off this trade was structured to improve what I believed to be deficient HR/RBI numbers on my team. P Burke and I went through a couple different trade suggestions before I sent this one his way. I wasn’t really trying to match player position for player position it just happened that way. If you have to put a winner and loser on every trade I believe that P Burke won the trade. However, I don’t necessarily believe that every trade produces a winner and a loser, I think there are win/win situations and at the very least I was willing to do this deal knowing that I may be losing the battle, but for a better chance at winning the war…stupid analogy aside.

The inclusion of Dunn was 2 parts. One selfish, I’m a Nats fan and go the games quite often. It is exciting to watch someone on your fantasy team mash a ball, live, and in person. Two: I think he is severely underrated in every fantasy league. I know Dunn will get me 85 Runs, 35+ Hr, 105 RBIs…his downfall is his avg. I’m less concerned with his average knowing that I’ll also start Pujols, Lee, Bartlett and Vlad, all very capable of hitting over .300. Losing Morneau was bad medicine but the spoonful of sugar was knowing that outside his best year and his worst year he is a career .270 batter. I gained on HR/RBIs there alone..and maybe runs. I lose Avg. But with the addition of Lee I didn’t look at it as I overpaid for Dunn because the end result is two players that look like this:

Player A: 73 runs/32 hrs/104 RBI/.284 avg
Player B 73 runs/32 hrs/104 RBI/.284 avg

That is pretty good and better than what I would have achieved from Ludwick and Morneau. Every bit helps.

Sabathia was drafted as trade bait. I had already drafted King Felix and Greinke and knew that with CC I had the best three man rotation in the league. Ks/whip/era would have been my wheelhouse. Cain I’ve always liked and like Dunn I think is a little underrated(although this year I think he entered the draft at an accurate value). I really don’t think I lose too much with Cain instead of CC. I still believe I have the best three man rotation (I need to work on a forth and fifth, so send offers my way). Cain actually improves my overall ERA and WHIP(See AL EAST pitching). This trade hurts me in Ks (something I wasn’t too worried about with Greinke, Felix and Kazmir) and wins (something I try not to worry about).

The question is: Was the offense side of the deal, improvement in runs, hrs, rbis and avg(odd that even with Dunn, my overall avg will go up) worth the loss in Ks and wins (although I should see an overall improvement in ERA/WHIP)? My answer was yes.

PBurke explains:
My thoughts on the big trade for Sabathia and Morneau was that I was improving at two very important positions. I was comfortable downgrading at OF as I feel pretty confident that one of Colby Rasmus or Kyle Blanks will have a breakout year.

FB365′s Take: I can definitely see both sides of this deal.  An interesting point was brough up about trading for players on your favorite team.  Is this a good idea?  I know that the team Braun’s Bombers has five Milwaukee Brewers on the roster, all of which were drafted.  I guess the bottom line is that it could be a great thing to do as long as you get the right players.  Adam Dunn is about as steady as they come, so there’s really no harm in a Nats fan going after him in a trade.  However, if going after your favorite players means taking risky on players like Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart and Casey McGehee, then maybe it’s not as good of an idea. 

As far as the trade itself, Seeking Relief gets the “sure thing” side of the deal, while PBurke perhaps gets the better player on two of the three player swaps.  However, that team is now depending on either a bounce-back season from Ryan Ludwick or breakout years from Kyle Blanks and/or Colby Rasmus to fill the void of a consistent Carlos Lee.