Anatomy of a Trade: Blockbuster Deal Involving Pujols

The FB365 league has been very active and very competitive. I have personally been wheeling and dealing trying to raise my team from the bottm half of the standings. However, most of the trades I have made have been fairly low key. Today, a deal went down of epic proportions.
The deal was between team Maiden Correia (8th place) and Seeking Relief (12th place).
Maiden Correia trades:
Prince Fielder
David Wright
Kevin Gregg
Houston Street
to Seeking Relief for:
Albert Pujols
Carlos Lee
Felix Hernandez
Here’s how the two team’s looked at the deal…

Maiden Correia

Pending a physical, Felix is set to become the newest ace of Maiden Correia.  The right hander will go the Correians along with the supremely talented Albert Pujols, plus a former All Star in Carlos Lee.  In return, Correia is said to have offered a solid package of elite corner players (Prince Fielder and David Wright) plus some bullpen relief in the form of Kevin Gregg and Huston Street.  Team mascot Scott Rolen will take over regular 3B duties for the Correians, with Chipper Jones slotting into CI and Carlos Lee slotting into the utility slot.
(Editors note: How awesome is it that they call their team the Correians?)

The line of thinking here is pretty simple.  Trade what little excess I have for need.  I’m first in saves, second in steals.  I’ll quickly reload on saves (hopefully) in the form of Brad Lidge in about a week or two.  I’ll lose some speed for sure but will be getting huge upgrades at batting average, plus equal or better performance in the other counting stats.  I hope.  If I get a net +1 to +2 on offense it’s gravy.  And in the meantime I get a nice ERA/WHIP anvil in Hernandez to pair with the (hopefully resurgent) Dan Haren.  And fear not, if he continues to struggle, Steve Strasburg is waiting in the wings as well.  This provides the real opportunity, as I need some dead weight to throw on my bloated ERA and WHIP.  Thanks Felipe Paulino.

Seeking Relief

We went over a number of different variations of this trade for about two weeks. I definitely needed closers..but I also had to do something to spark my team. After the draft, with Greinke, Felix and CC I thought I was pitcher heavy and light on batting..which is why I made the original trade for Dunn/Lee..which obviously seems to have backfired as Morneau is having a MVP season. I’m happy to get wright. I was weak at 3b, and now I have a top 3B. Losing Pujols was tough, but I get a guy that *if he starts hitting* will almost duplicate his numbers outside of BA…which I sort of have to punt now anyhow. The sticking point was Felix or Greinke..while I’m last at wins…Greinke I have more faith in. The Beckett trade made this happen. With the addition of Beckett (hopefully he comes back to his normal self) I was able to trade an arm. I still have a long way to go, but hopefully everyone starts hitting, and everyone starts throwing Ks..and with the edition of Gregg and Street I can add some easy points in the save Cats..although Gregg could easily lose his position and Street could never regain his…

My Take
I certainly understand both sides of the deal. In a bubble, I’d take Pujols over Fielder and I’d take King Felix over the combination of Gregg and Street. Wright is a clear upgrade both position wise and production wise over the slowing Carlos Lee. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is trading Pujols, who could go absolutely ballistic at an moment and carry a fantasy team. However, in the scope of what this deal does for both teams, it is actually almost even. I can’t help but give a slight edge to any team that acquires Pujols, but the players coming back could provide a huge boost, especially if Carlos Lee continues to be a bust, which is very possible.
My favorite part of this deal? The 8th and 12th place team’s have in no way conceded their season. We have a long way to go and everyone still believes they can contend. I love that.