2010 Mock Draft #1

Last night I participated in my first mock draft of the new year.  Bob Sikon of Fantasy Baseball Trade Market was kind enough to host the event.  Rosters we C (2), 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF (5), CI, MI, UT, P (9).  Here is the breakdown round-by-round.

Team Player Pos
R1 P1 FishBiscuits Pujols, Albert 1B
R1 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Ramirez,Hanley SS
R1 P3 UrLF’sSuk Rodriguez, Alex 3B
R1 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Utley, Chase 2B
R1 P5


Braun, Ryan OF
R1 P6 10-2-Drew Kemp, Matt OF
R1 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Cabrera, Miguel 1B
R1 P8 Cannot Cantu Crawford, Carl OF
R1 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Mauer, Joe C
R1 P10 STEVE B Fielder, Prince 1B
R1 P11 Andreasoxfan Teixeira, Mark 1B
R1 P12 Durham Bulls Howard, Ryan 1B

I still think Miguel Cabrera has a .320, 40 home run season in him.  It is the robust AVG that gives him the edge over Teixeira and Fielder for me.  There is power to be found later on, but .320 hitters don’t grow on trees.

The one surprise could be Joe Mauer going in round one ahead of the power trio of Tex, Howard and Fielder.

R2 P1 Durham Bulls Longoria, Evan 3B
R2 P2 Andreasoxfan Ellsbury, Jacoby OF
R2 P3 STEVE B Kinsler, Ian 2B
R2 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Gonzalez,Adrian 1B
R2 P5 Cannot Cantu Holliday, Matt OF
R2 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Wright, David 3B
R2 P7 10-2-Drew Reynolds, Mark 3B,1B
R2 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Tulowitzki, Troy SS
R2 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Lincecum, Tim SP
R2P10 UrLF’sSuk Sizemore,Grady OF
R2P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Dunn, Adam OF,1B
R2P12 FishBiscuits Morneau, Justin 1B

I guess this answers the question of whether I think David Wright’s power numbers return or not.  While I think Wright should bounce back to around 20-25 home runs, I do think his 30-plus home runs days are behind him as long as he plays in Citi Field.  The biggest reason is that Wright used to hit a good amount of his home runs to right-center and right, which is the deepest part of Citi Field. Nonetheless, I get a high AVG 20/30 potential player at a very thin position.

The biggest surprises in round two were the last two picks.  Adam Dunn’s power is unquestioned, but his AVG has a good chance to fall in 2010.  Justin Morneau comes off the board before other first basemen Kevin Youkilis, Joey Votto, Kendry Morales, Pablo Sandoval and Lance Berkman.  First base looks like the deepest of the infield positions and Morneau has his share of issues including health and new outdoor ballpark (from what I hear will not be as kind to hitters as the Metrodome was).

R3 P1 FishBiscuits Zimmerman,Ryan 3B
R3 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Upton, Justin OF
R3 P3 UrLF’sSuk Sabathia, CC SP
R3 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Youkilis, Kevin 1B,3B
R3 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Phillips,Brandon 2B
R3 P6 10-2-Drew Hernandez,Felix SP
R3 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Rollins, Jimmy SS
R3 P8 Cannot Cantu Votto, Joey 1B
R3 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Pedroia, Dustin 2B
R3P10 STEVE B Reyes, Jose SS
R3P11 Andreasoxfan Bay, Jason OF
R3P12 Durham Bulls Martinez, Victor C, 1B

Jimmy Rollins had a down season in 2009, but I am confident that he can bounce back to at least .275-.280 along with 20/30 potential and 100-plus runs.  I also want to secure my shortstop position early due to the middle infield requirements.  Jose Reyes was also an option, but I want to see some progress on his hamstring issues before I rank him above Rollins. 

There will be a big debate over Justin Upton this pre-draft season.  His strikeouts and swings-and-miss numbers are worrisome, but his potential is astronomical.  Add in 20-plus steal potential and you have yourself 30/20 with upside to hit .280-.290. 

R4 P1 Durham Bulls Greinke, Zack SP
R4 P2 Andreasoxfan Suzuki, Ichiro OF
R4 P3 STEVE B Werth, Jayson OF
R4 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Lind, Adam OF
R4 P5 Cannot Cantu Halladay, Roy SP
R4 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 McCann, Brian C
R4 P7 10-2-Drew Cano, Robinson 2B
R4 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Morales,Kendry 1B
R4 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Sandoval, Pablo 3B,1B
R4P10 UrLF’sSuk Cruz, Nelson OF
R4P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Verlander,Justin SP
R4P12 FishBiscuits Roberts, Brian 2B

This may not be a popular strategy, but in a two catcher format I like to get at least one upper tier catcher.  Brian McCann was available and I chose him over some other infield options, which I hoped to (and did) fill in the next couple of rounds.

R5 P1 FishBiscuits Jeter, Derek SS
R5 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Granderson,Curtis OF
R5 P3 UrLF’sSuk Santana, Johan SP
R5 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Choo, Shin-Soo OF
R5 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Ramirez, Aramis 3B
R5 P6 10-2-Drew Markakis, Nick OF
R5 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Zobrist, Ben 2B,OF
R5 P8 Cannot Cantu Nathan, Joe RP
R5 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Ethier, Andre OF
R5P10 STEVE B Broxton, Jonathan RP
R5P11 Andreasoxfan Hill, Aaron 2B
R5P12 Durham Bulls Haren, Dan SP

I am believer in Zobrist’s power/speed combo.  While I am expecting some regression from 2009, his very solid plate discipline and contact skills should keep regression to a minimum. 

R6 P1 Durham Bulls Hamilton, Josh OF
R6 P2 Andreasoxfan Lee, Cliff SP
R6 P3 STEVE B Ramirez, Manny OF
R6 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Lester, Jon SP
R6 P5 Cannot Cantu Lee, Carlos OF
R6 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Quentin, Carlos OF
R6 P7 10-2-Drew Beltran, Carlos OF
R6 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Victorino, Shane OF
R6 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Wainwright,Adam SP
R6P10 UrLF’sSuk Pena, Carlos 1B
R6P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Figgins, Chone 3B
R6P12 FishBiscuits Soriano, Alfonso OF

Though I can use Zobrist in the outfield, I am hoping to stick him at second all season long.  At this point with my 1B, 2B, 3B and SS positions filled I need to focus on getting my number one outfielder.  I was targeting Carlos Lee, but he was snagged the pick before.  Plan B was to go with Carlos Quentin confident that he can provide tremendous value if healthy.  Carlos Beltran was the next to go, but honestly, I am very concerned about his knee issue.  If you follow this site you’ve heard that before and I am sure you will hear it again. 

Carlos Pena goes a little high for my taste here.  I see him in more the Chris Davis territory and he is picked before first basemen like Berkman, Lee and Butler. 

R7 P1 FishBiscuits Abreu, Bobby OF
R7 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Gonzalez,Carlos OF
R7 P3 UrLF’sSuk Jones, Adam OF
R7 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Bartlett, Jason SS
R7 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Berkman, Lance 1B
R7 P6 10-2-Drew Uggla, Dan 2B
R7 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 McCutchen,Andrew OF
R7 P8 Cannot Cantu Hunter, Torii OF
R7 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Upton, B.J. OF
R7P10 STEVE B Pence, Hunter OF
R7P11 Andreasoxfan Rivera, Mariano RP
R7P12 Durham Bulls Vazquez, Javier SP

Normally this would be the round that I target my first pitcher.  However, there are a bunch of top-notch arms available still and I think I can wait it out ten more picks.  So, I take a huge upside play in Andrew McCuthchen.  In my eyes McCutchen is as solid a young player as there is.  Decent plate discipline skills and speed enough for 30-40 steals.  Interestingly, the choice was between McCutchen and B.J. Upton.  Maybe was the fact that I got burned two years in a row by Upton.  I want to believe in him, I really do.  At a certain point you have to wonder whether it is just never going to come together. 

Talk about young upside picks; Carlos Gonzalez is the second pick of the seventh round.  I do like Car-Go, but was hoping he would be available a bit later in the draft.  

R8 P1 Durham Bulls Bourn, Michael OF
R8 P2 Andreasoxfan Young, Michael 3B
R8 P3 STEVE B Papelbon,Jonathan RP
R8 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Butler, Billy 1B
R8 P5 Cannot Cantu Wieters, Matt C
R8P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Carpenter, Chris SP
R8 P7 10-2-Drew Hanson, Tommy SP
R8 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com McLouth, Nate OF
R8 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Lee, Derrek 1B
R8P10 UrLF’sSuk Rodriguez,Francisco RP
R8P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Beckett, Josh SP
R8P12 FishBiscuits Ibanez, Raul OF

Sure enough, the arms I hoped would get back to me did…and then some!  Chris Carpenter was just too good of a value pick to pass up here.  Tommy Hanson was awful tempting, but in the end I went with the veteran.  Hanson was gone a pick later.

R9 P1 FishBiscuits Kubel, Jason OF
R9 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Peavy, Jake SP
R9 P3 UrLF’sSuk Gallardo, Yovani SP
R9 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Soria, Joakim RP
R9 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Bell, Heath RP
R9 P6 10-2-Drew Johnson, Josh SP
R9 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Hamels, Cole SP
R9 P8 Cannot Cantu Drew, Stephen SS
R9 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Jimenez,Ubaldo SP
R9P10 STEVE B Damon, Johnny OF
R9P11 Andreasoxfan Cain, Matt SP
R9P12 Durham Bulls Beckham,Gordon 3B

Another pitcher I just couldn’t pass up.  Cole Hamels was a top five pitcher in drafts just a year ago.  He had himself a busy offseason after the Phillies won the World Series and was said to be out of shape both physically and mentally heading into 2009.  That will surely change in 2010.  He still had a tremendous K/BB rate and whiff rate last season.  Look for Hamels to bounce back big time.  Just remeber Cole: “Keep pounding the corner.  Get him to chase one outside.”

My favorite part of that commercial by the way, Cole Hamels responding, “Who are you?” in the voice of a 12 year old.

I like Gordon Beckham as a value pick in round nine.  Once owners can move him over to second base, he could easily become a top five second base power/speed threat.

R10P1 Durham Bulls Cordero,Francisco RP
R10P2 Andreasoxfan Cuddyer, Michael OF,1B
R10P3 STEVE B Posada, Jorge C
R10P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Kershaw, Clayton SP
R10P5 Cannot Cantu Kendrick, Howie 2B
R10 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Bailey, Andrew RP
R10P7 10-2-Drew Ramirez, Alexei SS
R10P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Lackey, John SP
R10P9 Soup 2 Nuts Span, Denard OF
R10P10 UrLF’sSuk Escobar, Yunel SS
R10P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Stewart, Ian 3B,2B
R10P12 FishBiscuits Lilly, Ted SP

My 7/10 split strategy is working perfectly.  I want to targret my first starter in round seven and my first closer in round ten.  Rookie of the year Andrew Bailey should work just fine as my number one even with some regression.  Strong strikeout numbers with good command are exactly what I am looking for. 

As FB365 readers are aware, I am not a big Jorge Posada fan (fantasy value wise).  I just will not put my trust in a 38 year old catcher in round ten.  Michael Cuddyer is another guy I am not so crazy about.  He is a good regression candidate and profiles as just another fantasy outfielder who will be replaced by May. 

R11 P1 FishBiscuits Jurrjens, Jair SP
R11 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Soriano, Rafael RP
R11 P3 UrLF’sSuk Wagner, Billy RP
R11 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Bruce, Jay OF
R11 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Shields, James SP
R11 P6 10-2-Drew Nolasco, Ricky SP
R11 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Rios, Alex OF
R11 P8 Cannot Cantu Rodriguez,Wandy SP
R11 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Beltre, Adrian 3B
R11P10 STEVE B Garza, Matt SP
R11P11 Andreasoxfan Hawpe, Brad OF
R11P12 Durham Bulls Fuentes, Brian RP

Alex Rios had himself a rough season in 2009, but still managed 17 home runs and 24 stolen bases.  He’ll only be 29 in 2010 and in a great hitter’s park.  I think he can bounce back to .275/15/20 with 20/25 potential. 

Adrian Beltre goes waaaay too high in round 11, but Yooooooo Adriannnnnn did preface the pick by saying it was just the excitement over Beltre signing with the Red Sox. 

By the way, a reader asked me in a previous post why no love for Jair Jurrjens?  Answer:  Low strikeout rate and mediocre walk rate.

R12 P1 Durham Bulls Guerrero,Vladimir DH
R12 P2 Andreasoxfan Ortiz, David DH
R12 P3 STEVE B Billingsley, Chad SP
R12 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Andrus, Elvis SS
R12 P5 Cannot Cantu Cantu, Jorge 1B,3B
R12 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Wilson, Brian RP
R12 P7 10-2-Drew Suzuki, Kurt C
R12 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Marmol, Carlos RP
R12 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Montero,Miguel C
R12P10 UrLF’sSuk Cabrera,Asdrubal SS,2B
R12P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Morgan, Nyjer OF
R12P12 FishBiscuits Happ, J.A. SP

Looking for a solid number two closer I pick Brian Wilson, who showed improvement in his K/BB rate last season. 

Some interesting picks in this round.  Both Vladimir Guerrero and David Ortiz start out the round.  To be honest, I’d be fine with not having either of those two on my fantasy team.  Both have DH only eligibility and are in clear declines.  I love the Chad Billingsley pick here.  Nyjer Morgan comes off the board almost four full rounds after Michael Bourn.  Are they really that different of a player?

R13 P1 FishBiscuits Jackson,Edwin SP
R13 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Franklin, Ryan RP
R13 P3 UrLF’sSuk Jones, Garrett OF,1B
R13 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Aardsma,David RP
R13 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Webb,Brandon SP
R13 P6 10-2-Drew Weaver, Jered SP
R13 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Soto, Geovany C
R13P8 Cannot Cantu Street, Huston RP
R13 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Gonzalez,Mike RP
R13P10 STEVE B Martin, Russell C
R13P11 Andreasoxfan Burnett, A.J. SP
R13P12 Durham Bulls Furcal, Rafael SS

I am starting to think, “What is the best value on the board right now?” No other outfield options really excite me.  I can hold off on another starting pitcher.  How about a possible 20 home run catcher?  That’s what I end up with in Geovany Soto.  Yet another guy I think will bounce back in 2010.

The Brandon Webb pick is intriguing.  He is said to have started throwing on solid ground.  If healthy we all know he is a top-end fantasy pitcher.  This is a situation I’d like to hold off on until about mid-February. 

R14 P1 Durham Bulls Lopez, Jose 2B
R14 P2 Andreasoxfan Molina, Bengie C
R14 P3 STEVE B Danks, John SP
R14 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Coghlan, Chris OF
R14 P5 Cannot Cantu Baker, Scott SP
R14 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Santana, Ervin SP
R14P7 10-2-Drew Feliz, Neftali SP
R14 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Hoffman, Trevor RP
R14 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Davis, Rajai OF
R14P10 UrLF’sSuk Iannetta, Chris C
R14P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Cameron, Mike OF
R14P12 FishBiscuits Capps, Matt RP

Time to focus on pitching again.  I turn my attention to yet another comeback candidate.  Ervin Santana had flashes of his 2008 self last season, but could not find consistency after returning from injury.  His pure stuff is still nasty.  If he can make an adjustment in command once again, he could post very solid stats as my number three. 

I don’t like Bengie Molina here because there are still some quality catchers on the board.  I also am not sold on Chris Coghlan for 2010.  His amazing second half is very unlikely to be repeated and before last season scouts wondered if he’d even be an everyday player.  Neftali Feliz is the most interesting pick here.  Round 14 seems high for a guy with no defined role.  He is currently listed as a reliever (not the closer) and the Rangers have some options for their rotation for once.  That being said, he is going to give your team strikeouts.  Eventually he may move into the rotation or grab the closers role.  The prospect of having Feliz in either role may just be enough to reach a bit.  It is certainly something I have to think about a bit more.



Jenks, Bobby



Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net

Loney, James




Oswalt, Roy



Soup 2 Nuts





Jones, Chipper




Napoli, Mike



Charlie Saponara – FB365

Tejada, Miguel



Cannot Cantu

Slowey, Kevin



Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn

Anderson, Brett




Dye, Jermaine




Branyan, Russ



Durham Bulls

Cust, Jack


Miguel Tejada seems like a decent option to fill my corner infield spot at this point.  Wherever he lands he is likely to play third, which will help him stay a bit more fresh over the course of the season. 

Brett Anderson is definately a guy whom I intend to target in every draft.  I was hoping he would fall one more round, but as we head closer to March I have a feeling that his stock will rise. 

R16 P1

Durham Bulls

Valverde, Jose


R16 P2


dela Rosa,Jorge


R16 P3


Gomez, Carlos


R16 P4

Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn

Buchholz, Clay


R16 P5

Cannot Cantu

Niemann, Jeff


R16 P6

Charlie Saponara – FB365

Davis, Chris


R16 P7


Ludwick, Ryan




Dempster, Ryan


R16 P9

Soup 2 Nuts

Floyd, Gavin




Harden, Rich



Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net

Scherzer, Max




Nunez, Leo


Jorge De La Rosa was a target of mine heading into this round, but I miss him by four picks.  Instead I focus on nailing down my middle infield spot.  Chris Davis still has tremendous power upside.  As my corner and with other decent AVG hitters in my lineup, I go with Davis for the power.  It was between him and Ludwick and I felt Davis had the higher upside. 

R17P1 FishBiscuits Pierzynski, A.J. C
R17P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Cabrera,Orlando SS
R17P3 UrLF’sSuk Escobar,Alcides SS
R17P4 Soup 2 Nuts Weeks, Rickie 2B
R17P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Doumit, Ryan C
R17 P6 10-2-Drew Helton, Todd 1B
R17 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Wood, Kerry RP
R17 P8 Cannot Cantu Wells, Vernon OF
R17 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Scutaro, Marco SS
R17P10 STEVE B Peralta, Jhonny 3B,SS
R17P11 Andreasoxfan Wolf, Randy SP
R17P12 Durham Bulls Hart, Corey OF

This was the one auto pick and I don’t know why it happened.  I had some closers cued up and Wood happened to be at the top.  Wood represents a decent value pick anyway.  A small correction in walk rate would make for some intriguing late round value. 

I really like the value picks of Ryan Doumit and Alcides Escobar here.  Escobar is going to steal some bags whether or not he hits for a high AVG. 

R18 P1 Durham Bulls Hudson, Orlando 2B
R18 P2 Andreasoxfan Feldman, Scott SP
R18 P3 STEVE B Aybar, Erick SS
R18 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Lidge, Brad RP
R18 P5 Cannot Cantu Sanchez,Jonathan SP
R18 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Price, David SP
R18 P7 10-2-Drew Bedard, Erik SP
R18 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Molina, Yadier C
R18 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Hudson, Tim SP
R18P10 UrLF’sSuk Matsui, Hideki DH
R18P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Olivo, Miguel C
R18P12 FishBiscuits Konerko, Paul 1B

David Price represents a good upside play here.  If he can ever develop his changeup, look out.  It is amazing how guys like Tommy Hanson, who was ranked lower on just about every prospect chart, have passed him up…by ten rounds. 

R19 P1 FishBiscuits Theriot, Ryan SS
R19 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Duchscherer,Justin SP
R19 P3 UrLF’sSuk Rivera, Juan OF
R19 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Borbon, Julio OF
R19 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Hardy, J.J. SS
R19 P6 10-2-Drew Porcello, Rick SP
R19 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Reimold, Nolan OF
R19 P8 Cannot Cantu Ruiz, Carlos C
R19 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Rasmus, Colby OF
R19P10 STEVE B Gordon, Alex 3B
R19P11 Andreasoxfan Izturis, Maicer 2B,SS
R19P12 Durham Bulls Kazmir, Scott SP

I am more than delighted to grab Nolan Reimold here.  He should be the main man in left for the Orioles and has 25 home run potential.

R20 P1 Durham Bulls Howell, J.P. RP
R20 P2 Andreasoxfan Pettitte, Andy SP
R20 P3 STEVE B Francisco,Frank RP
R20 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn LaPorta, Matt OF
R20 P5 Cannot Cantu Cabrera,Everth SS
R20 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Ordonez, Magglio OF
R20 P7 10-2-Drew Fox, Jake 3B,OF
R20 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com DeRosa, Mark 3B,OF
R20 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Blanks, Kyle OF
R20P10 UrLF’sSuk Inge, Brandon 3B
R20P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Hernandez,Ramon C, 1B
R20P12 FishBiscuits Arroyo, Bronson SP

Magglio Ordonez saw a big time drop in power last season, but still hit .310.  At this point he becomes my fifth outfielder and someone who can help make up for the AVG I’ll be losing in guys like Chris Davis. 

There were a bunch of upside picks in this round including Matt LaPorta, Jake Fox, and Kyle Blanks. 

R21P1 FishBiscuits Baker, John C
R21P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Gutierrez,Franklin OF
R21P3 UrLF’sSuk Buehrle, Mark SP
R21P4 Soup 2 Nuts Posey, Buster C
R21P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Teahen, Mark 3B,OF
R21P6 10-2-Drew Fowler, Dexter OF
R21P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Snider, Travis OF
R21P8 Cannot Cantu Thome, Jim DH
R21P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Matsuzaka,Daisuke SP
R21P10 STEVE B Cueto, Johnny SP
R21P11 Andreasoxfan Barajas, Rod C
R21P12 Durham Bulls Chamberlain, Joba SP

This pick fills my utility spot.  Travis Snider is going to be one heck of a hitter, a Jay Bruce light of sorts.  While the guy I really wanted was Dexter Fowler, I am happy to add Snider’s 25 home run potential to my roster.  

R22 P1 Durham Bulls Willingham, Josh OF
R22 P2 Andreasoxfan Rodney, Fernando RP
R22 P3 STEVE B Correia, Kevin SP
R22 P4 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Lindstrom, Matt RP
R22 P5 Cannot Cantu Encarnacion,Edwin 3B
R22 P6 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Latos, Matt SP
R22 P7 10-2-Drew Strasburg,Stephen SP
R22 P8 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Thornton, Matt RP
R22 P9 Soup 2 Nuts Frasor, Jason RP
R22P10 UrLF’sSuk Lowe, Derek SP
R22P11 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Pineiro, Joel SP
R22P12 FishBiscuits Ross, Cody OF
R23 P1 FishBiscuits Volquez, Edinson SP
R23 P2 Ivar Anderson@FantasyGameday.net Bumgarner,Madison SP
R23 P3 UrLF’sSuk Shoppach, Kelly C
R23 P4 Soup 2 Nuts Blanton, Joe SP
R23 P5 BobSikon,FantasyBaseballTradeMarket.com Madson, Ryan RP
R23 P6 10-2-Drew Young, Delmon OF
R23 P7 Charlie Saponara – FB365 Holland, Derek SP
R23 P8 Cannot Cantu Kuroda, Hiroki SP
R23 P9 Yooooooo Adriannnnnnn Santana, Carlos C
R23P10 STEVE B Romero, Ricky RP
R23P11 Andreasoxfan Kennedy, Adam 3B,2B
R23P12 Durham Bulls Varitek, Jason C

In the last two rounds I went for upside arms, namely Mat Latos and Derek Holland. 

Here’s the way my team shapes up:

C Brian McCann P Chris Carpenter
C Geovany Soto P Cole Hamels
1B Miguel Cabrera P Andrew Bailey
2B Ben Zobrist P Brian Wilson
3B David wright P Ervin Santana
SS jimmy Rollins P Kerry Wood
OF Carlos Quentin P David Price
OF Andrew McCutchen P Mat Latos
OF Alex Rios P Derek Holland
OF Nolan Reimold
OF Magglio Ordonez
CI Chris Davis
MI Miguel Tejada
UT Travis Snider

I love my infield though I am counting on a lot toward the back end of my outfield.  The pitching staff is something I can definitely work with.  All in all I have to say I am pleased.  I’d love to read your thoughts on the whole draft.